$377M Tom Cruise Franchise That Rejected Dwayne Johnson Turned Down Another Fast X Star, Only to Offer Him the Part Again: “They passed on me the first time”

Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Jack Reacher in the cinematic adaptation of Lee Child’s celebrated book series sparked both enthusiasm and contention among fans.

While Cruise boasts charisma and a compelling on-screen presence, certain devoted readers of the novels found his physical appearance at odds with the towering description of the character in the books.

Tom Cruise as Jack ReacherTom Cruise as Jack Reacher
Nonetheless, Cruise’s unwavering commitment to the role and his action-packed performance earned the approval of many viewers. He injected his trademark intensity and athleticism into the character, delivering electrifying, adrenaline-fueled action sequences that encapsulated the core of Reacher’s unrelenting pursuit of justice.

Dwayne Johnson Was Rejected In Favor Of Tom Cruise

Dwayne Johnson revealed that he auditioned for the part of Lee Child’s imposing detective, a role ultimately secured by Tom Cruise, who did not possess the physical stature of the original character.

For quite some time, fans and critics were perplexed by a casting choice that defies expectations: the enigma of how Tom Cruise, reported to be 5ft 7in (1.70 meters), came to embody the towering 6ft 5in (1.95 meters) Jack Reacher in the film adaptations of Lee Child’s crime novels.
Dwayne Johnson and Tom CruiseDwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise

The WWE wrestler turned action superstar, towering at 6 feet 4 inches, shared this tidbit on Twitter, prompted by a fan’s assertion that he would be an ideal fit for the role.

Johnson tweeted:
“Yup, luv the character. Bout 10yrs ago I went after the role, but Cruise got it. Was great motivation for me to always stay hungry.”
Cruise assumed the role of Reacher in two movies: the 2012 film Jack Reacher and its 2016 sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. The actor’s selection to play the private investigator and wanderer drew criticism from fans of Child’s original novels, who believed that Cruise’s stature was insufficient for the character.

Alan Ritchson Landed The Role Despite Being Rejected Once

After a series of attempts, Hollywood eventually breathed life into Lee Child’s crime novels, casting Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in the Prime Video series Reacher. Interestingly, while the author now regards Ritchson as the ideal fit, the process of selecting the right actor for Reacher proved to be a formidable challenge and came close to depriving Ritchson of the opportunity to star in the series.
Alan RitchsonAlan Ritchson

Ritchson said on the Inside of You podcast:
“They passed on me the first time. They passed on everybody their first time. I was approached about this, as [were] probably 2,000 other guys, and I put a tape together.”
Nonetheless, this audition wasn’t your standard affair; the producers aimed to ascertain the actor’s ability to authentically convey the character’s unflinching stoicism. The initial attempt didn’t go as planned, with the actor stating that the producers “disapproved” of it. Several months down the line, and after Ritchson had resigned himself to the idea that the role might not be his, the producers reached out to him once again.

Reacher is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Twitter, Inside of You

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