A Taylor Swift fan thanked the pop star for stopping her concert mid-song to berate a security guard ‘harassing’ their group

On the second night of the Philadelphia installment of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, the pop star berated a security guard mid-song to protect a fan in the crowd. 

“She’s fine! She wasn’t doing anything! Stop,” Swift shouted at the guard between lines of “Bad Blood” on Saturday night at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, videos posted to social media appear to show.


The fan involved in the situation has since made a TikTok video to explain the event and to thank Swift for supporting and protecting her at the show.

In a video posted Sunday to her friend’s account, the fan, named Kelly, explained what happened at the show from her point of view.

“I was the girl that Taylor talked to last night,” Kelly said in the video, sporting an Eras Tour t-shirt.

She said the “guard had been harassing our group all night” and that he kept telling them not to touch the barricade rail.

“Anytime we did anything he was, like, on top of us,” Kelly said. “Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn’t like it, and she didn’t like it.”

Kelly said the man was escorted out of the venue, and Swift’s team offered her free tickets to Sunday night’s show in Philadelphia.

“It wasn’t this big crazy thing, just a bunch of girls having a good time, and he didn’t want us to have fun,” she said.

Kelly, in the car on her way to the Sunday night concert, posted a TikTok to her own account thanking Swift for standing up for her against the security guard mid-show.

“I really, really, really want to thank Taylor,” Kelly said, adding that she’s been a fan since she was 17 and that Saturday night was the 13th Swift concert she had attended.

“The fact that you did that for me last night and you stood up for me meant so so so so much and, like, I can’t even explain, like, you did that for me and for your fans, and if there’s anything I know about you, you just want your fans to go to the show and have fun and that’s all we were doing,” Kelly said in her video. “And it truly, truly meant so much to us that you did that … That you would stop to say something. It was just really cool.”

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