‘And his fans have the nerve to say Taylor Swift is a capitalist?’: $120M Rich Harry Styles Slammed for Milking Money Out of Suing Online Sellers Selling Fake Merchandise

Harry Styles has recently grabbed media attention following his thursday lawsuit against unlicensed merchandise vendors in Chicago. The 28-year-old singer’s lawyers are suing fake online musicians in an effort to stop fans from unwittingly purchasing fake goods. 

According to reports, this week, lawyers for the As It Was singer filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Chicago. The fake merchandise, according to the report, was offered for sale on reputable online retailers like Etsy and Amazon. It was further claimed in the lawsuit that the products made it difficult for consumers to distinguish such stores from authorized sellers and merchandisers.
Harry StylesHarry Styles
Because the goods are also offered for sale on reputable websites, it is difficult for customers to distinguish between these shops and authorized merchants. According to Billboard Pro, the lawsuit lists particular URLs rather than actual vendors or people, and the former One Direction singer wants all of the listings for the fake goods to be taken down.

Fans slam Harry Styles for suing fake online sellers

The former member of One Direction has mobilized all of his resources to demand that the fake goods be taken down as soon as possible. According to the lawsuit,
“Plaintiff is forced to file this action to combat defendants’ counterfeiting of its registered trademarks, as well as to protect unknowing consumers from purchasing counterfeit products over the Internet.”
A complete takedown of all unauthorized items has been requested by Harry Styles’ lawyers. Additionally, the lawsuit contains specific URLs for fake merchandise merchants, many of whom are based in China and “other foreign jurisdictions with lax trademark enforcement systems.”
Taylor Swift Proved She’s the Queen of Sass By Roasting Harry StylesHarry and Taylor
Now that the situation has come up, his fans have turned to social media to voice their opinions. A Twitter user following others, aggressively asked, “And his fans have the nerve to say Taylor Swift is a capitalist?”






Styles and Swift sparked dating rumors when Swift was rehearsing for her performance on The X Factor and Styles was reportedly on hand to support her. Soon after, #Haylor went viral, but their relationship was short-lived as they broke up in January 2013. Swift and Styles’ short relationship ended nearly ten years ago, but the fallout hasn’t stopped their fans to discuss the highs and lows of their union.

$120M rich Harry Styles is set to earn more!

Thanks to his sold-out global Love On Tour, Harry Styles has amassed around $120M in the past year and is on a winning streak. According to statistics, the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker, who is still scheduled to perform on several dates in the upcoming months, has doubled his current assets in his business account. The One Direction star is also expected to make even more money because the accounts only include the first half of his tour, from March 2022 to March 2023, leaving out the final 18 months’ earnings. Styles has had a busy year, enjoying significant achievements in both his music and acting careers, such as the release of his third solo album and its global chart-topping status.
Harry StylesHarry Styles
With his song As It Was, the singer became the first solo artist to ever spend at least 15 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He has since continued to experience great musical success, especially in the US. In addition, he has received six Grammy nominations.

Source: Twitter

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