“Bet building wells in Africa would be really fulfilling”: Fans Gut Cardi B for Pointlessly Boasting Her $80M Fortune With “Having Everything GETS BORING” Post

The road to success wasn’t the smoothest for Cardi B, as after initially starting as a cashier at a grocery shop, she started working out as a stripper in New York City to make a living. But after making a decent amount from this profession, she soon left that life behind and invested her money into her music career, eventually finding her footing in the rapping landscape.

But despite sitting on an $80 million fortune presently, the I Like It singer recently opened up about how she doesn’t enjoy being at the top of the ladder. However, her response wasn’t well received among fans, as they blasted the rapper on the Bird app.
Cardi BCardi B

Cardi B misses her pre-fame life, says being rich has become boring

While responding to a fan’s question, Cardi B opened up about how she misses her pre-fame life. Despite having a fortune of around $80 million according to reports, the WAP singer claims that there is no fun in having everything, as life has become boring for her. Following the release of her recent music video Put It On Da Floor, a fan asked “Why are you posing with guns and things in the Put it on the floor again remix video”, to which she responded by stating,
“You wanna know wats so crazy? I was tearing the other day cause I miss my old life… Sometimes having everything GETS BORING… But I won’t complain it’s not about me anymore. This is part of growing up and bout my kids… But yea PUT IT ON THE FLOOR !!!”
However, her response has garnered several criticisms in the rapper’s way, as netizens blast the WAP singer for her recent statements of wanting to go back to her pre-fame life.
Latto - Put It On Da Floor Again (feat. Cardi B)Latto – Put It On Da Floor Again (feat. Cardi B)

Twitter blasts Cardi B for being out of touch with reality

Considering the rapper is complaining about a problem that everyone wishes they had, it’s reasonable to see why netizens weren’t delighted by Cardi B’s latest response. With the 30-year-old  claiming that being rich has been boring for her, as she misses her old life, Twitter hasn’t backed away from blasting the star, as many call out the rapper for being out of touch with reality.

celebrities are so out of touch.

everyday people are struggling right now and they are bored from extravagance

— sleazy car salesman (@NateCapital) June 2, 2023

But that’s not how it is cause rich people say this all the time yet never give it all away cause they know it’s not true.

— Zac (@Zacled7) June 3, 2023

I get what she means. But she wouldn’t be bored if she started giving back and was passionate about helping.
I bet building wells in Africa for villages would be really fulfilling to do

— PICKETT 2 PICKENS SZN (@Gaige_Rage) June 2, 2023

If you really want a normal life move out the country & stop getting on features with rappers

— 💀Mr11🏴‍☠️ (@youngdreadgod) June 2, 2023

If I had unlimited money I would never say something like this

— Blank (@feelingmajestic) June 2, 2023

Usually, people with money say this. Sad, huh!?

— シ𝑹𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒍 🇺🇸⭐️ (@RF_SoTX_956) June 2, 2023
Cardi BCardi B
Although it’s reasonable to see why fans are responding aggressively, it is also understandable to see to some extent why the rapper has been feeling bored by her life at the top, as she has nothing more to prove.

Source: Twitter 

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