Cardi B Claims To Be Tormented By ‘Perverted Ghosts’ As She Rants About Her Supernatural Experience On Social Media: “When I’m Alone It Always Wanna F*ck With Me”

Cardi B said that she’s reached the point where she believes the ghost wants to have s*x with her. Read on to know

Cardi B Says She's Tormented By 'Pervert Ghost'Cardi B Says She’s Tormented By ‘Pervert Ghost’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Rapper Cardi B doesn’t feel at peace despite living in a luxurious mansion. She claims to have been tormented by a ‘pervert ghost’ in the house.

On September 26, the Grammy winner ended her social media break and went on Instagram Live to detail her scary encounter with the spirit.

“I go and take a shower and I get out the shower and go lay on my bed. I start hearing like a fly sound. Bro, I haven’t been able to find the f**king fly,” she shared, reports

Cardi said: “I told my driver to get one of those things you kill the fly with, the spatula s**t to kill the fly. I don’t see the f**king fly.

“Then I start hearing this sound in the hallway. It sounds like somebody’s on the phone. I call the security guard to tell the other security guard that’s guarding the house outside to come in the house to hear the sound.”

“Tell me how the sound is gone. It’s gone out of nowhere,” so she claimed.

“All I’m saying is that there’s a ghost or spirit in this house and what I don’t like about it is that the ghost be f**king with me.”

The “WAP” hitmaker elaborated: “Because when Offset is in this house, nothing ever happens, but when I’m alone it always wanna f**k with me. Mind you, when I be in the house in Atlanta or New York, there’s nothing. But this house in L.A. is always some weird vibe.”

Cardi B said that she’s reached the point where she believes the ghost wants to have s*x with her and is considering staying in a hotel to get away from it.

She said, “At this point, I eel like if I go to sleep, the ghost is going to finger pop me. Because, (ghost) wants me. He wants me. I kid you not, like, I’m not even in my main bedroom.”

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