Cardi B Exposes Her Tampon During A Show As She Dances With ‘No Panties On’ Live In Front Of The Public Days After The Mic-Throwing Episode

Cardi B again managed to make headlines after she was spotted dancing with no panties on exposing her tampon string. Read on to know more.

Cardi B has her tampon string swinging at showCardi B Got Her Tampon String Swinging At Show After She Was Seen Dancing With No Panties On( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Rapper Cardi B might have had her tampon string swinging during her stage performance as one of her fans speculated her to be going commando and claiming to have noticed the loose string.

In a video making its rounds on Twitter, the ‘Please Me’ rapper could be seen moving her hips in circular motion as she put one of her hands on her lady part.

Filmed from a low angle, her yellow mini dress was believed to have failed to hide that she was wearing no underwear and exposed the disposable menstrual product she used, reports

The handler of the Twitter account sharing the video explained in the accompanying tweet, “Footage of Cardi being a great role model as a mother letting tampon string hang in front of the crowd as she dances in Las Vegas with no panties on”.

During her July 28 gig, Cardi entertained the crowd with some of her songs, including her 2018 hit “I Like It” as her final performance for the night. After delivering the track, the 30-year-old hip-hop artist reportedly shouted her name, turned around and angrily threw her microphone in the direction of a DJ booth.

Cardi’s flippant moment was documented in a video shared on TikTok by @kfen777. In it, the raptress could also be seen pointing at the disc jockey and saying a few words that could not be heard clearly. She then left the stage accompanied by a bodyguard. Meanwhile, the DJ appeared to be unbothered by the “WAP” spitter and kept playing her new collaboration with husband Offset, “Jealousy”.

The reason behind Cardi’s rage was still unclear, but the fan who filmed the incident assumed that Cardi got mad at the DJ for cutting her music. In the comments section of the post, the fan wrote, “DJ cut the track short on multiple songs! She was livid(as you can see) (a rolling on the floor laughing emoji).”

One day following the incident, Cardi allegedly threw her mic again. At an outdoor daytime party at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 29, she was reported to hurl her mic after one of the concertgoers tossed liquid from a cup at her onstage.

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