Despite 11 Years Being Thor, $69M Non-Marvel Chris Hemsworth Movie is the One That Got Him a Rare Streaming Record

Chris Hemsworth has collaborated with many top-level modern-day creative visionaries on their big-banner passion projects. The actor has played many iconic roles in his thriving career and became synonymous with depicting the famous Marvel comic character Thor AKA, the God of Thunder, in several films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hemsworth has captivated the audience with his shredded, bulky physique, grin, and chiseled jawline. Apart from his incredible work in superhero films, the actor has starred in dozens of adventure-packed, thrilling, and action blockbuster flicks, showcasing his versatile talents.

In 2020, he made his character debut as Tyler Rake, a former Australian SAS operator turned black ops mercenary in Sam Hargrave-directed action thriller Extraction, and then reprised his role in the follow-up sequel Extraction 2, which has now set a new record on the streaming giant Netflix. It has surprisingly become the tenth most popular movie on the platform, with 129.3 million views.

Chris Hemsworth-led Extraction 2 Has Set a New Streaming Record on Netflix

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth has charmed millions with his extraordinary body of film work. The actor has built an impressive filmography and starred in blockbuster projects, which earned him top-billing roles. Hemsworth has become one of the most significant stars in the MCU, depicting the beloved character of Thor for 11 years on the silver screen. Despite playing varied roles, the 40-year-old actor’s portrayal of Thor remains the fan favorite.
Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth
The actor has previously expressed his desire to explore new ventures outside the MCU. In 2020, he starred in the action thriller Extraction, playing the role of Tyler Rake, a former Australian SAS operator turned black-ops mercenary. Hemsworth performed many nail-biting stunts in the project, and the film gave fans an adrenaline rush till its climax. It was released on Netflix and garnered positive reviews for its over-the-top plot and stunning visuals.

The mega success of the film helped spawn a follow-up sequel, Extraction 2, and the actor reprised his role for the same, and it was a cinematic treat for fans. According to the latest reports, the highly-rated sequel has touched a new milestone and has become the tenth most popular movie on the streaming giant. According to Netflix data, Extraction 2 ranks tenth spot, with 129.3 million views, whereas Extraction ranks ninth on the most popular list with 135.7 million views.

Chris Hemsworth Shares His Experience Working in Extraction 2

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2. Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2.
Extraction became one of the most-watched films on Netflix in 2020, and hence, to explore more about Chris Hemsworth’s character in the film, a follow-up sequel was released this year Extraction 2, which garnered him praise for his performance and the thrilling scenes, incredible action, and deadly stunts, captivated the viewers. In a candid interview, Hemsworth revealed why he enjoyed so much working on this project, expressing,
“There’s something so satisfying about that. Not to take anything away from the special-effects-filled sort of Marvel film, but you have a lot of help in post-production there. Obviously, I can’t fly, so they help through me that. Whereas in this film, the action is grounded in reality, and so much of it is on camera. So, it’s a different energy, and the preparation is a lot more extensive.”
Sam Hargrave-directed action-packed Extraction 2 boasts a star-studded ensemble cast featuring Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Adam Bessa, Tornike Gogrichiani, Tinatin Dalakishvili, Daniel Bernhardt, Olga Kurylenko and Idris Elba.

Source: Netflix

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