Diana Taurasi Is Under Fire For Her Nasty Comments About LSU Star Angel Reese

Diana Taurasi could find herself in conflict with LSU basketball enthusiasts following remarks she made regarding standout player Angel Reese subsequent to the latter’s last collegiate match against the Iowa Hawkeyes led by Caitlyn Clark in the Final Four.

Taurasi referenced an iconic clip of Reese waving goodbye to Middle Tennessee player Anastasiia Boldyreva after she fouled out, on an alternative ESPN broadcast with one of her former teammates at UConn, and former fellow WNBA star Sue Bird. “Wave bye-bye to your own career,” she ruthlessly said.
Her cohort, Bird had to remind the 42-year-old of Reese’s continued college career success and the probability of Reese being a top selection in the WNBA Draft this off-season. This prompted Taurasi to apologize, responding “My bad.”

Audiences watching the broadcast were deeply offended by the clip, prompting some to vehemently criticize Taurasi for her remarks after it surfaced on X.

Angel Reese has yet to address Taurasi’s controversial comment. One observer pointed out that Taurasi, who has a history of conflicts with other young college stars, should be advocating for women in the sport instead. Another questioned why the Mercury guard would target Reese, while a different fan even suggested she retire.

Although many supporters seem to side with the young player, Reese herself hasn’t responded to the situation. The first face-off between the team that picks up the LSU standout and Taurasi’s Phoenix Mercury promises to be intriguing.

With projections placing Reese as the 6th or 7th pick in the draft, her debut season is anticipated with great interest. She represents the emerging crop of WNBA talents and could very well contend for the Rookie of the Year title.

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