Dwayne Johnson Gets Cozy With Marvel Star in Rumored Bid for MCU Debut, Praises Thor Star Chris Hemsworth for Holding His Breath Underwater for Mammoth 200 Minutes

Chris Hemsworth, posted a video on Instagram showing off his impressive breath-holding skills underwater. Hemsworth has logged 200 minutes of holding his breath while one of his children swam nearby as a challenge in Moves That Matter.

The Rock complimented Chris Hemsworth for achieving such a feat and for his ripped figure. He added, “My one midriff never looks so chiseled underwater… looking like a big brother,”
Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the MCU.Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the MCU.

Thor Star Chris Hemsworth’s 200 Minute Breath Holding

Chris Hemsworth participated in the Moves That Matter in his Centrfit program and has acquired a huge time on the clock for breath holding. In the video posted, Chris showed off his ripped abs, chiseled chest, and broad shoulders. The video was released under the caption, “Don’t let distractions get in the way of your goals… no matter how hard they try to swim in front of you,”.
Chris Hemsworth breath holdingChris Hemsworth breath holding
The fans were so astonished by Hemsworth’s dedication and such accomplished feat that many commented that he was trying to break Kate Winslet’s record which was of over 7 minutes.
“Trying to break Kate Winslet’s new underwater record as…”
There has been a recent trend going on for breath-holding underwater after the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, as most of its shoot was shot on or under water. And behind the scenes, Kate Winslet broke the previous record of 6 minutes held by Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movie series. Many actors and directors are motivated to shoot the necessary scenes underwater that they discarded due to its risks but now they are more forthcoming about it.

Dwayne Johnson’s Intro in MCU?

James Gunn’s DC Bible does not include Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Gunn allegedly discussed some plans with Johnson to work with his production company Seven Bucks and incorporate Black Adam into the future DCEU storyline.
Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
However, Marvel President, Kevin Feige has taken an interest in Dwayne Johnson as almost a decade ago Feige said that he was a huge fan of Johnson’s work. As per news, he is currently in advanced talks with Marvel Studios to join MCU.
“I’m a gigantic fan of [Dwayne Johnson], I think he’s an incredible… He’s awesome in Pain & Gain, he was great in G.I. Joe, he’s really kind of an amazing human being… I would love him to be part of the Marvel universe somewhere, someday.”
Well, there are not many roles that The Rock would fit in, however, he could play any role given his diverse accumulation of talent. For example he could play the role of Ares, the God of War with his immense physique and a somewhat similar personality that he portrayed in Black Adam.

Source: Instagram

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