Fans are convinced Taylor Swift is paying subtle tribute to Princess Kate with THIS action. ‘Take a deep breath girl’

Two of the most powerful women in existence—Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, and Taylor Swift, the current undisputed Queen of the World—wore similar looks to a red carpet event and, yes, the world noticed.

Swift at the 2024 Grammys (Image credit: Getty Images)

Both women wore white gowns and black opera gloves to their respective events—Kate to the BAFTAs last year and Swift to the Grammys last night—and as royal fans are prone to do, are convinced that Swift paid a subtle tribute to Kate, who is currently recuperating following abdominal surgery on January 16. “Royal fans are convinced the pop idol is a secret fan of Princess Kate’s style,” The Daily Express reports.

Kate at the 2023 BAFTAs (Image credit: Getty Images)

Swift wore Schiaparelli last night in what many perceived as a nod to her album, Reputation—the look is very of that era. Observant fans noticed that Swift even wore six necklaces exactly, perhaps paying homage to the fact that Reputation was her sixth album. (Or perhaps we’re overanalyzing, but we’ve never done that. *wink*)

Swift wore Schiaparelli for the big event (Image credit: Getty Images)

But in addition to the Reputation messaging—and the Midnights messaging, as her clock choker was set to that exact time—the addition of the black opera gloves to Swift’s white corset gown did look very, very similar to Kate’s look from a year prior. “Definitely a homage to Catherine,” X user @denneeze200 commented. User @darksIdeoftmoon added “As soon as I saw her, I thought about the Princess of Wales.”

Kate originally wore the look in 2019 and slightly modified it four years later (Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate’s white gown, for her part, was a one shoulder dress by one of her longtime favorites, Alexander McQueen. When Kate wore it to the 2023 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards last year, it wasn’t her first time—but, The Daily Express reports, “the flower applique on the shoulder was removed and replaced with a bow. When Kate debuted the gown in 2019, she wore it with cool-tone accessories. For the BAFTAs, she accessorized the outfit with dramatic statement floral earrings from Zara, and a black clutch.”

Swift had a big night last night, capping the evening off by winning Album of the Year for “Midnights” (Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate is well-known for her love of high street brands, including Reiss and Whistles. And, while heretofore there’s no known connection between the Princess of Wales and the Princess of Everything, at the bare minimum the two share one trait in common: impeccable style.

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