Fast X Star Reveals Christopher Nolan Loved $159M Fast and Furious Movie That Made Franchise Billion Dollars Fortune

Christopher Nolan, a renowned filmmaker, and visionary, has a deep love for action films that is evident in his work. Known for his intricate storytelling, masterful direction, and visually stunning sequences, Nolan has consistently pushed the boundaries of the action genre, delivering compelling narratives with thrilling set pieces.
Christopher NolanChristopher Nolan

Nolan’s passion for action can be traced back to his childhood when he developed a fascination with the works of directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott. These filmmakers influenced Nolan’s cinematic style and instilled in him a profound appreciation for the power of action on the big screen. But it would be surprising to know that Nolan loves one of the Fast & Furious films.

Which Fast & Furious Film Did Christopher Nolan Love

Among the Fast & Furious franchise fans is acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, known for his work on films like Tenet. Nolan has expressed his admiration for the franchise, singling out Tokyo Drift as a personal favorite. This praise holds particular significance for Sung Kang, who made his Fast debut in Tokyo Drift and returned to reprise his role in F9.
The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo DriftThe Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift
During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sung Kang reflected on the significance of his recurring role in the Fast franchise and the unexpected honor of receiving praise from acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan. Kang expressed his gratitude for being able to return to the franchise, despite his character’s apparent demise in Tokyo Drift. He describes Nolan’s compliment as “validating,” highlighting the impact of having a Hollywood icon recognize his work.
“It’s super validating when you get validation from your peers. The irony of the Fast movies is that they were supposed to be B-movies at first, and now we have Oscar winners like Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron coming to play with us. And Christopher Nolan, a filmmaker like that, his statement gives you insight that the guy is a true film lover. They play Tokyo Drift all day, every day, somewhere. It’s a great hotel movie and it’s fun. So it’s just so validating.”

Christopher Nolan’s Never-ending Love For Action Flicks

Throughout his career, Nolan has displayed a penchant for crafting intense and immersive action sequences that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. From the gravity-defying sequences in Inception to the thrilling heists in the Dark Knight trilogy, his meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to filmmaking have elevated the genre to new heights.

Christopher NolanChristopher Nolan
What sets Nolan apart is his commitment to practical effects and real-world stunts, emphasizing a sense of authenticity and physicality in his action sequences. He prefers to utilize practical effects over CGI whenever possible, resulting in visceral and visually striking moments that resonate with viewers.

The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is available for rent or purchase on Google Play and Amazon Instant Video.

Source: Cinemablend

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