“I think people can relate to that”: Jason Statham Has the Perfect Explanation Why Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables Beat the Odds to Become a $789M Giant

Jason Statham is a versatile actor celebrated for his riveting performances in action-packed movies. Prior to his acting pursuits, he enjoyed a career as a competitive diver and a model.

Statham rose to prominence through his roles in the Transporter series and the Fast & Furious franchise, where he demonstrated his prowess in the world of action cinema.

Jason Statham Sylvester Stallone in Expendables 3Jason Statham Sylvester Stallone in Expendables 3
Statham, who has been portraying Lee Christmas in the Expendables franchise since 2010, described these films as a form of escapism. When discussing the franchise’s success, he credited Sylvester Stallone, highlighting Stallone’s significant contribution.

Jason Statham Holds High Praise For Sylvester Stallone

Jason Statham explained that Sylvester Stallone has fashioned these characters, endowing each of them with unique identities. These characters, as Statham describes, are individuals who struggle to navigate the challenges of life independently, but their true strength emerges when they unite to save the world.

Statham said (via Glamsham):
“He has created these characters, and given us the identity within these characters. We are these guys that can’t navigate through life in general, and they are only good when they are together saving the world.”
Sylvester Stallone in Expend4blesSylvester Stallone in Expendables
Jason Statham elaborated that there’s an inherent attraction in portraying characters who are flawed and grapple with the same everyday issues as everyone else. These individuals struggle with maintaining relationships, seek therapy for mental clarity, or may exhibit eccentric traits. The key, according to Statham, is making these characters relatable rather than presenting them as invincible beings devoid of vulnerability. He emphasized that these movies serve as a form of escapism, allowing audiences to connect with these relatable, imperfect characters.

Statham continued:
“Everyone has their cross to bear, and as long as you have these characters relatable, instead of them being these indestructible robots that don’t feel pain and never get hit. I think people can relate to that and these movies are essentially escapism.”
With Expendables 4, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone will look to replicate the success of its precursors.

Filmmakers Had To Tone Down Stunts For Aging Actors

Expendables series producer Les Weldon playfully noted that Sylvester Stallone wasn’t initially planned for the second installment, referring to the 2012 hit where the iconic Rocky star did appear. This underscores the notion that in the world of action cinema’s heavyweights, nothing is set in stone.
A still from The Expendables 3A still from The Expendables 3
Even though Stallone continues to assume the lead role in The Expendables 4, Producer Kevin King-Templeton acknowledges that they’ve made notable modifications to the stunt and combat sequences. He further explains that Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and 50 Cent, newcomers to the series, have taken on the majority of the fight scenes.

Kevin King-Templeton told Daily Express:

Nevertheless, Weldon is keen to stress that fans should not underestimate the older cast members. He emphasizes that they defy typical expectations for individuals in their 60s or 70s.

The Expendables 4 is currently running in theaters.

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Source: Glamsham, Daily Express

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