Inside Cardi B’s car collection including Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes G Wagon and a McLaren – but she can’t even drive

FOR someone who doesn’t hold a driving licence, Cardi B certainly has an cracking car collection.

The American rapper counts a Lamborghini Urus, a Mercedes G Wagon and a McLaren among those in her horde – but it doesn’t end there.

Cardi B owns numerous flashy cars - despite not having a driving licence

Cardi B owns numerous flashy cars – despite not having a driving licenceCredit: Instagram

The rapper regularly shows off her motors on Instagram

The rapper regularly shows off her motors on InstagramCredit: Instagram/@iamcardib
The 29-year-old, who is worth an estimated $40million, also owns a Chevrolet Suburban, a Bentley Bentayga, and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

And she has splashed her cash on a Maserati Levante and a Lamborghini Hurucan – all of which are gathering dust.

The star said in an interview she was a bad driver so never got her licence, and only has so many “to take pictures with”.


Up there with the fastest motors in her garage are Cardi’s Lamborghinis.

She owns a blue Urus, worth about £160,000, which can reach speeds of up to 190mph.

But her Aventador, named after a Spanish fighting bull, can clock more than 218mph.

Cardi and husband Offset bought matching Aventadors after the birth of daughter Kulture.

The WAP rapper regularly flaunts both vehicles on her Instagram, where she boasts 113million followers.

She is also understood to have the slightly cheaper Lambo Huracan behind closed doors.

She said she buys the vehicles to pose in front of for pictures

She said she buys the vehicles to pose in front of for picturesCredit: Instagram


As a woman who likes a slice of luxury, it’s no surprise Cardi made sure to bag a Maybach S-class.

The luxury limo features two 10-inch rear screens, wireless headphones and a “concierge service” to recommend interesting locations nearby.

It is powered by either a V8 or V12 engine meaning it’ll hit 0 to 62mph in under five seconds – but you won’t feel a thing.

That’s because the Maybach has “magic” comfort settings that use a sensor to scan the road ahead for bumps and potholes to adjust the ride.

There is also a panoramic glass roof with a “magic sky control” that changes from dark to transparent in a matter of seconds.

Cardi has described her Maybach as her “mum car” as it is one of the only ones her children can comfortably fit in.

The internet star also owns the celeb favourite – a G Wagon.

Although she can’t take it out of her garage herself, the bright orange auto is a regular on the ‘gram.

She has merged her collection with husband Offset's horde

She has merged her collection with husband Offset’s hordeCredit: Instagram/@iamcardib


Another of Cardi’s supercars is her McLaren 720S Spider.

The high-speed motor can go from 0 to 62mph in just 2.9 seconds.

It’s no wonder the beasty car, which starts at £240,000, is a favourite among the rich and famous.


Cardi is known for her lavish gifts, having bought her three-year-old daughter a £40,000 Rainbow Birkin Bag.

But she seriously splashed the cash when she treated her partner to a lavish Rolls Royce Wraith for his 26th birthday.

She surprised him with the vehicle outside his Met Gala themed party in 2017.

But husband Offset returned the favour when he had a custom Rolls Royce made for her birthday in 2020.

As they were personalised, it is not know how much the couple spent on the presents, they won’t have been cheap.

The Bodak Yellow performer has several orange vehicles

The Bodak Yellow performer has several orange vehiclesCredit: Instagram/@iamcardib


Cardi’s Chevrolet Suburban is probably one of her most ‘normal’ motors.

However, it will still set you back a good £50,000.

This was likely Cardi’s motor of choice when learning to drive, but it probably hasn’t been out since.


To celebrate her single Bodak Yellow hitting the Billboard Top 10, Cardi bought herself a burnt orange Bentley Bentayga.

The motor is one of the priciest in her collection, costing her about £175,000.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: “‘Work soo hard for this BIG B right here!!!

“And I cashed out on it, straight bought the s***.”

She regularly gives and receives cars as gifts

She regularly gives and receives cars as giftsCredit: Instagram/@iamcardib


Despite having a song called Bodak Yellow, Cardi clearly has a thing for orange.

Her third orange car is a Maserati Levante , which has a Ferrari-built engine.

Prices for the he mid-size luxury crossover SUV start at about £60,000.


Cardi’s Audi R8 actually belongs to Offset, but their collections have now merged.

Offset’s custom model of the four-wheeled drive mid-engine supercar ran him over £145,200,000.

It features top-of-the-line interiors and all of the latest technology.

Her Instagram is full of snaps of her with her favourite motors - but never behind the wheel

Her Instagram is full of snaps of her with her favourite motors – but never behind the wheelCredit: Instagram

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