Inside Tutankhamun’s ‘cursed’ tomb with ancient treasures that could still hold secrets 100 years after its discovery

KING Tut’s “cursed” tomb which is filled with ancient treasures has puzzled experts for decades as it could still hold secrets over 100 years after it was discovered.

The “Boy King” took the reins of the powerful empire when he was nine years old, 3,000 years ago.

Tutankhamun is a symbol of ancient Egypt despite only ruling for 10 short years

Tutankhamun is a symbol of ancient Egypt despite only ruling for 10 short yearsCredit: Getty
The young pharaoh’s resting place was unearthed in the East Valley of the Kings near Cario in 1922.

One of the most enigmatic leaders in history, the life of King Tut has baffled historians who still cannot answer with certainty questions such as what might be beyond the walls and even whether the tomb was meant for young King Tut.

Archaeologists haven’t even managed to completely understand all the thousands of treasures buried with him- more than 5,000 artefacts, including luxury furniture and gold weapons.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the weird and wonderful things uncovered in his tomb.

Death Mask

One of the most famous items found in Tutankhamun’s tomb was the distinctive Death Mask which was placed on the young King’s face.

The piece of art was mostly made of gold, making it weigh over 10 kilograms.

There are various theories regarding the pharaoh’s death.

Experts believe the Egyptian leader was suffering from malaria and a broken leg before his death aged 19.

The actual cause of his death has left experts divided with some thinking he died of a broken leg or an accident while others suspect he was assassinated.

A documentary called Tutankhamun: Waking the Dead”, by British historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes shed some light on Tut’s life.

CT scans show that the Boy King had an unusually elongated skull, suggesting it may have been the result of inbreeding.


Several detailed weapons were buried with Tutankhamun

Several detailed weapons were buried with TutankhamunCredit: Alamy
Among the weapons in King Tut’s tomb were some very precious daggers.

One is made with an iron blade, while the other is made from gold.

They were both apparently discovered wrapped up in different layers of the pharaoh’s mummy bandages.

Archaeologists have argued that Tut was murdered as a result of a power struggle.

Based on a dark patch visible in early imaging efforts that was thought to be a pool of blood, experts had argued that the boy was killed with a blow to the head but this is not confirmed by later CT scans.

Golden sandals

Gold sandals which King Tut probably didn't wear when he was alive

Gold sandals which King Tut probably didn’t wear when he was aliveCredit: Alamy
His mummy was uncovered wearing gold sandals, though experts believe these may have been made especially for his death and not worn when he was alive.

The ruler was believed to be suffering from a foot condition as more than 130 walking sticks were found in his tomb.

In the years prior to his death, the famous Pharaoh is also believed to have limped with a crippling foot condition that left him disabled.

Dr Carolyn Rando told the documentary: “The right and the left foot appear to look quite different from each other.

“We can see that his left foot has quite a high and marked arch, while his right foot is almost completely flat.

“He was probably putting more weight on his right foot for some reason and less weight on his left foot.”

X-rays show signs of necrosis, or tissue death, on his right foot, likely the result of a painful bone infection that left him disabled.

Board games

Several board games were placed in his tomb.

Experts don’t quite know the rules of each but have made some guesses about how they may have been played judging by the pieces.

Some of the pieces were made out of ivory.

Gold buckle

A gold buckle was also found in the tomb

A gold buckle was also found in the tombCredit: Alamy
And yet more gold, this time it’s a special buckle.

It shows the pharaoh triumphantly riding on his chariot.


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