“It’s ridiculous”: Taylor Swift Sends ‘Stranger Things’ Star a Handwritten Letter, Leaves His Stepdaughters Speechless With the Sweetest Gesture

Taylor Swift is the biggest music star of this generation. With a crazy fan following that extends almost up to every part of the world, the American songstress has built a fortune and fame by writing and singing about her past relationships and a long list of men in her life.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift during her Eras Tour
The Grammy Award recipient has set the internet on fire with her multi-million dollar Eras Tour spanning various countries in the world. Taylor Swift’s tours and concerts almost feel like a festival celebrating the talented singer.  The Eras Tour has been the talk of the entertainment world as reputed A-listers from Hollywood make the star-studded audience list.

Stranger Things Star David Harbour On A Sweet Gesture By Taylor Swift

Recently, the Stranger Things actor David Harbour attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Minnesota with his stepdaughter. The American actor became a stepdad to his wife Lilly Allen’s daughters Marine and Ethel. During his appearance on the reputed podcast show Happy, Sad, Confused by Josh Horowitz, the actor spoke about Stranger Things and even mentioned his experience during the Eras Tour concert of Taylor Swift. He said-
“We went to Minneapolis because it was the only weekend we could go see it and I love Minneapolis. It’s a real music town, too, like Prince. People are really there to see the concert as opposed to Instagram the concert, so it was like a perfect place to see it.”
David Harbour spoke about a special gesture made by the Cardigan singer. He said-
“I did say as we went in, ‘If there is an opportunity to say hello …’ And they said, ‘She’s leaving on a plane right after the concert. We sat there for about 30 minutes of the opener and then a woman came out with a letter. It was addressed to me and my stepdaughter, and it was a handwritten letter on a particular stationery. I’ve never seen my stepdaughter speechless.”
Taylor SwiftStranger Things star David Harbour
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While talking about the star power of Taylor Swift, the Black Widow star said-
“I didn’t really have any idea, it’s not really my … my thing was Madonna. I saw Madonna concerts, I saw Guns N’ Roses concerts. Seeing her perform for three-and-a-half hours, that’s like 45 songs. She barely leaves the stage, I don’t know when she pees. It’s ridiculous — she’s a force of nature.”
David Harbour did not disclose the content of Taylor Swift’s letter much but mentioned that the singer promised to wave back to his stepdaughters from the stage and the Blank Space singer fulfilled her promise by waving back at her.

The Kissing Booth Actor Joey King On Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

The Kissing Booth star Joey King appeared onstage during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Kansas City. The singer was joined by her ex-boyfriend actor Taylor Lautner and Presley Cash for the music video I Can See You. The 24-year-old actor shared her experience with the reputed news outlet CNN. She said-

“That’s a different level. It’s a very niche experience to walk out on a stage of 70,000 plus people. I was like, ‘Bring me on stage?’ [And Taylor] was like, ‘Didn’t I tell you?’ I was like, ‘You did not tell me I was going on stage. I started sweating and freaking out and I got really nervous. But it was incredible to just have that experience and feel that energy coming at you.”

843f37d25e61a14fbf29518106331975Taylor Swift with Joey King during the Eras Tour
While talking about witnessing a huge audience, she further added-
“It just takes your breath away and you’re genuinely caught for breath. It was truly a breathtaking experience to see all those people that are sending all this energy at you directly. It was exhilarating.”
The biggest highlight of the Kansas stop was the reunion of Taylor Swift and her ex Taylor Lautner. The internet could not stop bumbling as their fans went crazy commenting and reacting to their pictures. Their pictures went viral instantly as the crowd of 70,000 people rejoiced and celebrated the ex-couple onstage. Taylor Swift would be heading towards her Mexico stop on August 24 and conclude the Eras Tour by November 2024 in Toronto.

Source: Happy, Sad, Confused

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