“I’ve lost faith in society”: Fans Left In Disbelief As Taylor Swift Single Handedly Dominate Both Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2 And DC’s The Batman

Without a doubt, one of the most well-known and adored musicians in the world today is Taylor Swift. She rose to stardom thanks to the honest songs she wrote about her relationships and significant events in her life. Taylor Swift is finally bringing her performance to cinemas following a tour that was unquestionably one of the most successful by any artist ever.
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift
Swift has turned the exciting The Eras Tour experience into a movie so that the Swifties, may relive it on the big screen. This kind of act is turning up to be one of Swift’s greatest endeavors yet. She is completely dominating both DC’s The Batman and Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2.

Taylor Swift’s concert movie is already shattering records even before its debut

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, a concert movie starring Taylor Swift, is scheduled for release on October 13. It has been breaking records for presale ticket sales, reaching $65 million. This remarkable sum puts Swift at par with some of our favorite superheroes on the big screen, outpacing successes from 2022 like Batman‘s $42 million and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s $60 million. With $120 million in presales, Spider-Man: No Way Home currently holds the record overall, but many think Taylor Swift will surpass it within the next month. Interestingly, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour also surpassed No Way Home‘s $16.9 million in first-day sales with a remarkable $26 million.
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift
The movie has four weekends in a row, excluding weekdays, to run, but it will make a special appearance on Halloween, October 31. Despite its potential to set records elsewhere, there has yet to be any information on a worldwide release. There may be a plan to release a different version for European viewers next year given that Swift is preparing for a global tour in 2024.

Due to Swift’s phenomenal success in presale ticket sales, many studios are delaying the release of their films in order to avoid competing with Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour in multiplexes. Fans, however, are still unable to comprehend how Swift’s concert film is dominating DC’s The Batman and Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2.

The amazing record that Taylor Swift is setting has left fans shocked

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift
Pre-sale ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert film are smashing all previous records. It has already surpassed the records set by Marvel’s Doctor Strange 2 and DC’s The Batman. And although Swifties are raving over this incredible record she is setting, some DC and Marvel fans are not happy about this.

One person commented on the @DiscussingFilm post, “I’ve lost faith in society.”


Some people just stated that the numbers are crazy, while others claimed that nobody would actually watch it.



Another person joked that she had beaten Marvel. One of Swift’s fans simply responded to this claim by saying that Swift would eventually appear in a Marvel film.


If you think that was the sweetest comment a fan can write then you are mistaken. One fan’s love for Swift was very much evident from what he wrote. He wrote that everything Swift touches turns to gold.


Another individual just expressed his regret at not being able to get movie tickets because they sold out so quickly.


No matter what their reaction is, nobody can question Swift’s popularity. The entire world adores her. The Eras Tour Film will hit theatres on October 13.

Source: Comicbookmovie

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