Kanye West claims that he was inspired by ‘God’ to interrupt Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

In a new interview, Kanye West said that “God” told him to talk over Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

The 43-year-old rapper famously ran onto the music awards stage while Taylor, who was only 19, was accepting the award for Best Female Video for her song “You Belong With Me.” He did this because he thought Beyoncé should have won instead.

At the time, he told her, “Well done, Taylor! I’m glad you did well. Now go finish your song. But Beyoncé had one of the best videos ever!” It’s one of the best videos ever!

Divine intervention: Kanye West, shown in November in New York City, claimed on Tuesday that 'God' told him to interrupt Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009

Kanye West, who was seen in New York City in November, said on Tuesday that “God” told him to talk over Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

West said in an interview released Tuesday that his actions, which led to a long figҺt with 30-year-old Taylor, were caused by a higher power “giving [him] the information.”

He told them, “Right now, God is telling me…” God wouldn’t have put me in the front row if he didn’t want me to run on stage and sаy Beyoncé had the best video. I would have been in the back seat. The fact that I had never heard of this person before and that Single Ladies is one of the best videos ever wouldn’t have made the idea so silly. Hennessy was all I had on hand because I didn’t want to go to the awards show because I knew it was a set-up.

Taylor Swift Warned Kanye West That "Famous" Was "Misogynistic," While Kanye Responds With Another Twitter Rant | Glamour

The rapper said in 2009 that God had a hand in his choices, but he says he didn’t start to “read the Bible” until after he was hospitalized in 2016 for short-term psychosis and to be treated by a psychiatrist.

West also said, “God brought me to my knees more than once.” When I was taken to the hospital for the first time in 2016, I began reading the Bible. That was part of what God did to me. Everyone is called by God to do something, and he does it in different ways.

Music video: The 43-year-old rapper infamously ran on stage at the music awards ceremony over a decade ago whilst Taylor - who was just 19 at the time - was accepting the award for Best Female Video for her song You Belong With Me because he favored Beyoncé's videoMusic video: The 43-year-old rapper famously ran on stage at the music awards over a decade ago while Taylor, who was only 19, was accepting the award for Best Female Video for her song “You Belong With Me.” He did this because he liked Beyoncé’s video better.West also said he doesn’t want his new relationship with God to make his fans think it’s “not cool.”Nick Cannоn, 39, interviewed the “Bound 2” singer for an episode of his “Cannоn’s Class” podcast.

The singer, who wants to be President of the United States this year, said, “I’m not going to lie to you, I like being cool.” I didn’t put myself in a situation where I would look bad.West is suing the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office because they told him that he didn’t have enough qualified signatures to get on the ballot for president.News organizations were told by the office of Secretary of State Mac Warner last month that West needed 7,144 signatures from West Virginia voters who were registered to vote.

West turned in 15,000 signatures, but only 6,383 were confirmed, according to Mike Queen, a spokesman for the Secretary of State.WSAZ-TV reported Monday that the lawsuit said West did not have a chance to challenge that decision before a drawing for the order of nаmes on the ballot. In the lawsuit, he asks for an urgent hearing date and a decision that lets his nаme be published.West announced in July that he was running for president, saying that he would do so on a ticket he calls the “Birthday Party.”He is now getting signatures to get on the ballot in several states.

Kim Kardashian is married to the rapper and is 39 years old.

Pop star: Swift, shown in January in Utah, has been in a lengthy feud with West since he interrupted her speech in 2009

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