“Kardashians consume plastic surgery like it’s breakfast”: Sylvester Stallone’s Family’s Plastic Surgeries Can’t Win Against Kim Kardashian, Confirms Expert

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where physical appearance reigns supreme, plastic surgery is popular, attracting the attention of many individuals.

Among the notable figures, Kim Kardashian is a prominent name, her transformative journey has captured many. Recently, the spotlight has also turned to Sylvester Stallone’s family, sparking discussions about their cosmetic enhancements.
Sylvester Stallone SlyActor, Sylvester Stallone

However, as plastic surgeon experts analyze the situation, it becomes clear that the Stallone family’s foray into cosmetic enhancements pales in comparison to the unrivaled command of Kardashian.

Sylvester Stallone Could Never Compete With Kim Kardashian

Sylvester Stallone Rocky Stars, Sylvester Stallone
In Hollywood, cosmetic enhancements have become commonplace among many stars, leading to unavoidable comparisons between celebrities.

When examining the notable figures of Sylvester Stallone and the 42 years old, it becomes evident that the actor could never rival Kardashian’s extensive portfolio of cosmetic work.

The Kardashian family has made a name for themselves in reality TV shows where maintaining a youthful and camera-ready appearance is important.

In contrast, while the 76-year-old has garnered fame through his iconic action roles, his family’s journey in the world of cosmetic procedures remains relatively limited.
Kim KardashianBeauty Mogul, Kim Kardashian
As previously the actor prepares for their reality program, rumors circulate about them perhaps adopting plastic surgery like the Kardashians.

But expert plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich believes the artist has not indulged as heavily as the beauty mogul and presently maintain their natural appearances. The surgeon said,

“The Kardashians consume plastic surgery like it’s breakfast. At the moment, the Stallones are in the early stages of it.”
He also believed the Stallones are still in the early stages and likely haven’t undergone more procedures than the average person in Hollywood. He explained,
“I don’t even think the Stallones have consumed more plastic surgery than the average person (in Hollywood).”
Further, the Kardashians’ constant transformation sets them apart, constantly exploring new ways to redefine their looks.

Kim Kardashian’s History Of Going Under The Knife

Since the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2007, Kim Kardashian has cemented herself as the standard American beauty icon.
Kim KardashianKeeping Up With the Kardashians Star, Kim Kardashian
Her transformative journey has left an indelible mark on the world of beauty and aesthetics. While Kardashian has been candid about the importance of appearance to her, she has addressed and denied various plastic surgery rumors throughout the years.

However, in a 2010 interview with the media, the mother of four admitted to having tried Botox, indicating her openness to non-invasive procedures.

She also revealed her longing for the game-changing Morpheous laser treatment, specifically targeting the tightening of her stomach and abdomen.

Her transparent approach to her cosmetic enhancements has sparked widespread conversations and debates concerning beauty standards and the influence of celebrity culture.

Regardless of praise or criticism, the businesswomen’s history of plastic surgery remains a prominent part of her public persona, solidifying her impact on popular perceptions of beauty and the ongoing discussion surrounding it.

Source: The Sun

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