Keanu Reeves Pleaded His Fans to Watch His Flop Movie That Only 8 People Have Seen: “I love that film… I wish people would watch”

After Keanu Reeves stunned his fans with his acclaimed roles in The Matrix trilogy and the John Wick film series, fans expected the actor to simply release successful hits. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Reeves, who delivered a few projects that disappeared in time. Generation Um is one such project, but it is very close to the actor’s heart.
Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves
While Keanu Reeves’ 2012 movie Generation Um lacked success and largely faced criticism, Reeves still holds fond memories of the film. Addressing how despite the brilliant cast and enticing storyline, the movie faced difficulty in finding audiences, the actor pleaded with his fans to check out Generation Um. 

Keanu Reeves Recalled His 2012 Box Office Failure 

Keanu Reeves is known for his remarkable acting career in Hollywood. And while the actor delivered a few of the most notable films, like The Matrix trilogy, Speed, and the John Wick film series, he also suffered a catastrophic failure at the box office with a handful of lesser-known projects.
Keanu ReevesReeves discusses a few of his lesser-known projects
During his 2017 appearance on The Nerdist Podcast, the actor recalled one of his box office failures, Generation Um. Discussing a handful of movies that he holds close to his heart, Reeves spoke about his 2012 movie, starring Bojana Novakovic and Adelaide Clemens.
The thing that lasts is really my experience making it and the film that got made.”

Generation Um (2012)Generation Um (2012)
Recalling the feel-good storyline of Generation Um, the actor discussed the story of the trio looking for answers to their aimless lives. While discussing his 2012 film, Reeves appeared quite proud of Generation Um despite the movie failing to achieve success and facing immense criticism.

Keanu Reeves Wants His Fans To Watch Generation Um 

Playing the role of John Wall in Generation Um, Keanu Reeves addressed the epic failure of his 2012 movie. After discussing his experience of filming, the actor reflected on how the movie lacked proper marketing. While admitting that his audiences weren’t interested in the movie, Reeves believed better marketing and distribution could have saved it.

For me a film that I did called Generation Um…, I think there’s eight people who have seen it but I love that film.”
Keanu ReevesReeves spoke about Generation Um
Discussing how he absolutely adores the movie and holds it close to his heart, the actor stated, “I love the work that’s in it from myself and the other actors, the director, and everybody.” Wishing for his audiences to be more open to his lesser-known gems, the actor further pleaded with his fans to watch his 2012 movie, irrespective of it being a massive box office failure.

Pieces like that you’re like oh, I wish people would watch Generation Um… It’s a nice movie. But they didn’t and that’s a drag.”
Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves begged his fans to watch Generation Um
Further, the actor proceeded to discuss a few of his other lesser-known movies and handed out a list of recommendations. He even discussed his documentary film Side By Side and hoped for his fans to discover more of his work, other than the infamous John Wick movies or The Matrix.

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