Marcus Jordan, 32, tells girlfriend Larsa Pippen, 49, his dad Michael Jordan nearly lost a $40,000 wad of cash in the ocean when he fell off a jetski with his daughter – and tried to save the money first

NBA legend Michael Jordan once chose to save a stack of $40,000 over his own daughter after it fell out of his pocket in the sea, his son Marcus claimed. 

Marcus revealed that his 60-year-old dad can’t swim, despite recently purchasing a $115million yacht, which he sailed around the Mediterranean with his wife.

But his lack of swimming skills seemingly doesn’t keep the Chicago Bulls legend out of the water as Marcus also revealed that the six-time NBA champion, who is worth $3.5 billion, almost lost thousands of dollars to the sea.

On a recent episode of his podcast with girlfriend Larsa Pippen, ‘Spilling Family Secrets,’ Marcus recalled a family vacation in the Bahamas when Jordan went out on a jetski with his daughter, Jasmine, before capsizing.

‘My sister was floating, she had a life vest on,’ he said. ‘My dad was on the water, he wasn’t wearing a life vest. All you see is this big wad of cash like probably 40 grand in a rubber band..’

Michael Jordan

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen

Michael Jordan nearly lost a $40,000 wad of cash in the ocean, according to his son Marcus

Marcus then revealed Jordan chose to save the wad of $40,000 over his daughter.

‘My dad literally went for the 40 grand first. … My dad said, “She got on a life vest but I gotta go grab this couch.”‘

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Jordan was spotted relaxing with wife Yvette on a luxury yacht off the coast of French Riviera town, Villefranche-sur-Mer, last month following the $3 billion sale of his NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

The couple, who have been married for ten years, were seen chatting and laughing with friends and family. Interestingly, they appeared to be aboard the $115million M’Brace, a 74.5-meter vessel completed in 2018. The yacht has room for 12 guests in eight separate cabins, and also has its very own pool.

Despite Marcus’s claims his dad can’t swim, Jordan was seen diving into the water and paddling along using a Seabob, which is a motorized device that can pull a swimmer along the water’s surface

The 49-year-old Pippen is the ex-wife of Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie. She has been dating Jordan’s son Marcus, 17 years younger than her at the age of 32, since 2021.

Jordan did speak out on his son’s relationship with Larsa when he was on vacation with his wife Yvette recently in France.

Larsa Pippen recently spoke out about her relationship with Michael Jordan's son Marcus

Larsa Pippen recently spoke out about her relationship with Michael Jordan’s son Marcus

Her ex-husband Scottie (left) is a former friend and teammate of NBA star Michael Jordan

Her ex-husband Scottie (left) is a former friend and teammate of NBA star Michael Jordan

Larsa, 49, doesn't think Michael would attend a wedding between her and his son

Larsa, 49, doesn’t think Michael would attend a wedding between her and his son

Paparazzi called out to ask if Jordan approved of his son’s new relationship and he shook his head and said no.

Larsa admitted recently that things would have been made awkward between Michael and his old teammate Scottie Pippen.

She said on the White Down podcast: ‘I’m not crazy. The relationship is probably awkward for them (Michael and Scottie).

‘I don’t ask him [Scottie] about his personal stuff. He doesn’t ask me about my personal stuff. We talk about our kids and that’s it.’

Scottie, meanwhile, has not addressed the relationship himself.

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