Megan Fox and MGK strongly bought a $7.9M mansion in LA despite rumors of broken marriage

Machine Gun Kelly bought Logan Paul’s L.A. property in 2022. The $7.5 mιllιon modern home is ideal for his “twin flame” Megan Fox and him.
Machine Gun Kelly, aka Colson Baker, has been crushing 2022 milestones.

Kelly purchased a Logan Paul-owned Encino property for $7.5 mιllιon after his engagement to Megan Fox earlier this year. The 32-year-old musician found his first LA house.

Celebrities love Encino, a quiet, family-friendly suburb of Los Angeles. Selena Gomez, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Gwen Stefani live nearby.

Dirt reported that the $9 mιllιon estate sold for $7.5 mιllιon. MGK wins despite the big price drop.

The discount may have been due to his YouTuber friend. Paul made a profit since he bought the place for $6.6 mιllιon in 2017.

Kelly’s new Encino property secures their future as wedding plans progress. He bought Logan Paul’s Encino home in April and will likely move in following his tour.

The 8,689-square-foot mansion includes seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Famous 1970s architect Robert Byrd designed it.
Its design has been greatly improved. The lovely house has a rustic farmhouse design with modern touches.

Reclaimed wood cladding, polished concrete, and stone-lined walls cover the gunmetal gray exterior.

Modern but inviting, the rooms boast soaring ceilings and large glass doors. The ranch-style house has exposed wood beams.
Modern home amenities are ubiquitous. The open living room is great for entertaining. Four fireplaces throughout the house make it cozier.

The gourmet kitchen’s modern appliances, marble island, and large sinks make cooking easy.

The facility can host family and friend parties with its large pool and beautiful outside deck. There are multiple wine cellars, an office, a loft-style game area, a breakfast nook, and a soundproof movie theater.

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