Meghan Markle reportedly scratched Prince Harry’s face in an explosive altercation before his 40th birthday.-TT

The royal rift between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a dramatic turn around Meghan’s 40th birthday, sparking a heated confrontation at their California mansion. Reports suggest that the altercation led to Harry abruptly leaving in the middle of the night, heading back to the UK for a scheduled royal event.

Explosive Fight: Meghan Markle Claws Prince Harry's Face Before 40th Birthday

Meghan reportedly expressed frustrations with the royal family, particularly towards King Charles, and Harry’s attempt to defend his father escalated into a heated argument, with Meghan allegedly scratching Harry in anger. Despite the tensions, Harry remains determined to spend more time in the UK, hoping to establish a permanent residence for himself, Meghan, and their children, Archie and Lilibet.

Royal author Tom Quinn noted Harry’s efforts to secure a lasting home in the UK, including ongoing legal efforts for taxpayer-funded security during their visits. While Harry aims for reconciliation with his family, Meghan supports his pursuit of peace but fears it may not resolve existing tensions. Concerns have been raised about the fallout from Harry’s direct approach, with fears it could strain relations further rather than heal them. Despite these challenges, Harry remains steadfast in his commitment to mend fences, believing direct confrontation is key to genuine reconciliation, even as it risks further friction with Meghan.

The aftermath of the birthday clash has left its mark on their relationship, highlighting the deep divisions over Harry’s efforts to reconcile with his family. As Harry prepares for his upcoming trip to the UK, the couple faces an uncertain future, with questions lingering about whether his efforts will bring them closer together or deepen the divide between him and Meghan. The ongoing royal drama continues to captivate the public, awaiting the outcome of this modern-day saga.

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