Rapper Birdman’s Abandoned Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana

Once the luxurious home of rapper Birdman, a grand mansion in New Orleans now sits abandoned, a casualty of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005.

The sprawling estate, which spans over 10,000 square feet and was built in 1990, previously boasted a private theater, multiple Jacuzzis, and a custom recording studio.

After the storm inflicted severe damage, Birdman was forced to evacuate, leaving the mansion unoccupied and falling into disrepair.

The property, still filled with high-end amenities like a murky green swimming pool and a lavish jacuzzi in the master bedroom, has drawn the attention of paranormal investigators and urban explorers.

These explorers have documented the eerie, decaying opulence of the mansion, turning it into a symbol of both disaster impact and extravagant living.

Discover the allure of Birdman’s forgotten mansion in photos.

Over time, the once pristine pools and hot tubs have transformed, now mirroring the stillness and natural allure of a pond.
Pool Area of Birdman's New Orleans Home
A sculptural fountain, adorned with lion heads, stands as a testament to the grandeur that once flowed through the property’s veins.
Fountain of Birdman's New Orleans Home
Bold red doors offer a stark contrast against the mansion’s pristine white exterior, hinting at the vibrant life once hosted within.

Entrance of Birdman's New Orleans Home
The sweeping archway and pillars evoke a sense of grand arrivals and prestigious gatherings that graced this space.
Entrance of Birdman's New Orleans Home
Lush greenery encroaches on the expansive grounds, suggesting a retreat where the industry’s beats would blend seamlessly with nature’s tranquility.
Lawn in Birdman's New Orleans Home
From the side, the mansion’s vastness is palpable, suggesting an estate that was not just a home, but a haven for creativity and entertainment.
Exterior of Birdman's New Orleans Home
This angle showcases the mansion’s stately architecture, featuring grand white columns, with a striking red door that adds a pop of color to the elegant facade.
Exterior of Birdman's New Orleans Home
The front view captures the symmetry and grandeur of the mansion’s design, with towering pillars supporting broad balconies and an array of large windows inviting a look into the past splendor.
Front View of Birdman's New Orleans Home
Looking up at the mansion’s exterior, the towering height is emphasized, with architectural details and balconies that hint at the grandiose lifestyle once led within these walls.
Front View of Birdman's New Orleans Home
The pool edged with red accents and now tinged green with time’s passage, serves as a reminder of lavish gatherings that faded into quiet solitude.
Pool of Birdman's New Orleans Home
An aerial perspective shows the expansive grounds surrounding the estate, offering a sense of seclusion and the vast scale of the property.
Aerial View of Birdman's New Orleans Home
This view features a classic fountain set against a tranquil backdrop of water, reflecting a serene yet haunting beauty.
Aerial View of Birdman's New Orleans Home

Inside the Mansion

A majestic foyer serves as the mansion’s gateway, flanked by dual staircases that spiral elegantly, setting the stage for the luxurious experience within.
Foyer of Birdman's New Orleans Home

The kitchen in Birdman’s mansion is equipped to cater to lavish lifestyles, featuring state-of-the-art appliances, spacious countertops for meal preparation, and luxurious fixtures to complement the overall grandeur of the home.
Kitchen in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Kitchen in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The residence features a four-car garage for vehicle storage or additional space.

Garage of Birdman's New Orleans Home
A pathway graces the estate, offering a serene walk through the grounds, where the inspiration for lyrics and beats once flowed freely under Birdman’s creative influence.
Pathway of Birdman's New Orleans Home
Hallway of Birdman's New Orleans Home

This room, bathed in natural light from arched windows, showcases gleaming white marble floors that reflect its spaciousness and offer a luxurious foundation for the interior design.
Flooring in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Theater in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The hallway in Birdman’s home serves as an elegant promenade between the various expressions of luxury, leading guests through a narrative of success and lavish living.
Hallway in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Hallway in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Hallway in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The vast living area of Birdman’s mansion is designed for grandeur and comfort, seamlessly blending large, open spaces with sophisticated decor to accommodate both lively gatherings and serene relaxation.
Living Area in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Living Area in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The expansive master bedroom embodies luxury, featuring a hot tub that complements the warmth of a built-in fireplace, promising a sanctuary of relaxation and reflection.
Hot Tub in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The open-floor living area is designed for both grand entertaining and intimate evenings, anchored by a fireplace that stands ready to add a cozy ambiance to the space.
Living Area in Birdman's New Orleans Home
The mansion’s upper story, clad in a vibrant red hue, houses a professional recording studio where tracks for Birdman and Lil Wayne’s 2005 hit “Neck of the Woods” were crafted.
 Studio in Birdman's New Orleans Home
Watch the video to explore this mansion.

Photo Credits: YouTube|ThatGuyZack

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