Sandra Bullock Almost Lost $350M Career Defining Movie Role With Keanu Reeves to Marvel Star: “It didn’t do well because of me”

With a filmography adorned with numerous collaborations alongside Hollywood’s elite, Sandra Bullock has showcased her remarkable talent in different genres. From her comedic timing to her dramatic performances, Bullock’s versatility knows no bounds. While she cherishes many of her iconic roles, the acclaimed actress openly acknowledges one particular project that she deeply regrets working on.
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed (1994)Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed (1994)
In the Speed franchise, Sandra Bullock’s portrayal of the resourceful and quick-witted Annie Porter solidified her status as an action star. Her chemistry with co-star Keanu Reeves and her ability to deliver intense, edge-of-your-seat performances made her an integral part of the beloved franchise’s success.

Sandra Bullock Wasn’t The First Choice For Her Famous Role

Despite initial doubts surrounding the potential success of Speed, Sandra Bullock found herself pleasantly surprised by its overwhelming reception. Reflecting on the project, she recalled how others appeared skeptical, sensing a hint of disbelief when discussing it. However, this did not deter her enthusiasm. In a conversation on Still Watching Netflix, Bullock candidly expressed her unwavering joy and excitement about being part of the film.
Sandra Bullock in a still from SpeedSandra Bullock in a still from Speed
Interestingly, when it came to casting the lead role in Speed, Sandra Bullock wasn’t the initial choice for screenwriter Graham Yost. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Yost revealed that their first option was Halle Berry, and he personally expressed interest in Ellen DeGeneres. However, fate had different plans.

Despite receiving recognition and praise for her portrayal of Annie in Speed, Sandra Bullock remained modest and attributed the film’s success to other factors. She humbly expressed that the film’s triumph was not solely due to her performance but rather owed to the remarkable talents of Keanu Reeves.
“Look, it didn’t do well because of me,” Bullock said. “It did well because of divine Keanu Reeves, and a great concept by Jan de Bont.” 

Does Sandra Bullock Regret Doing The Sequel?

Following the triumph of Speed, director Jan de Bont embarked on the development of its sequel, Speed 2. While de Bont succeeded in securing Sandra Bullock’s involvement in the project, Keanu Reeves opted not to reprise his role. This decision by Reeves set a different trajectory for the film, leading to a significant change in the dynamic of the beloved franchise.
Sandra Bullock in Speed 2: Cruise ControlSandra Bullock in Speed 2: Cruise Control
During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Jan de Bont openly discussed his reservations about the setting of Speed 2. He said, “I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, and I really loved Jack Travis.”  

In a candid revelation, Sandra Bullock expressed her sentiments about Speed 2, echoing Keanu Reeves’ decision not to be a part of the film. Bullock openly admitted her lack of affection for the project, stating that she has been vocal about her dissatisfaction. “Makes no sense. Slow boat. Slowly going towards an island,” she joked.

Speed can be streamed on Prime Video.

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