See Taylor Swift’s Parents and Travis Kelce’s Family All Together at Super Bowl LVIII

See Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Family All Together at Super Bowl LVIII

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s families are rocking the red as one. The pop star, along with her parents and brother, joined the tight end’s family in a luxury suite to cheer on Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as they take part in Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers.



The group’s private suite was reportedly provided by the NFL star himself, whom TMZ previous reported pulled the trigger and footed the bill so that his and Swift’s family and friends could sit together at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

See Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Family All Together at Super Bowl LVIII

As the outlet reported, the Midnights singer’s mom, Andrea, dad Scott, and brother Austin, are sitting with Kelce’s mom, Donna, dad Ed, brother Jason, and Jason’s wife, Kylie. Swift’s friends — Blake Lively and Ice Spice — also accompanied the singer.

Missing in the booth are Kylie and Jason’s kids. The mom of three previously explained her reasoning for not bringing their three young daughters to Las Vegas for the festivities this weekend. “They will be at home,” Kylie told People, adding that she generally keeps the little ones out of the stands “as long as dad’s not playing.”


“I think it’s a little bit controversial but even during regular season games, I don’t take the girls to every game. They’re still very young,” she added. “A stadium with thousands of people can be overwhelming and there’s three of them. It can get hectic, it’s just a lot.”

See Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Family All Together at Super Bowl LVIII

“I love to do things that set them up for success. The thought of traveling cross-country with them [while] Jason’s going to be super busy, and putting them in maybe a stressful environment, isn’t ideal,” she said. “We think they’ll be much, much happier to see Uncle Trav on the TV because it’ll be easier to see him and they can cheer him on that way.”

In the end, Kylie said she hoped that “Uncle Trav can feel the energy and he can put that right into the field.”

As for the price tag of the luxury suite, there are reports that the price can range from $180,000 for four tickets and as much as $1.8 million for 20 tickets.

See Taylor Swift's Parents and Travis Kelce's Family All Together at Super Bowl LVIII

According to DAZN, each suite can accommodate up to 22 people. The suite includes a full-service bar, private lounge, kitchenette and bathroom. And, yes, there’s all-you-can-eat grub and drinks — like wagyu beef hotdogs, BBQ burnt end burritos, carne asada fries and more.

Swift’s appearance comes on the heels of a four-night stint performing on her Eras Tour in Tokyo, Japan. She wrapped up that leg of her show on Saturday, hightailing it to Las Vegas, Nevada’s Allegiant Stadium in time for Sunday’s festivities.

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