“Sensational AMA Performance by J.Lo and Iggy Azalea: A Flawless Blend of Elegance and Sultry Dance Moves”

At the American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea performed “Booty” and raised concerns among ABC executives about their performance being too provocative. However, the singers kept it toned down when compared to the explicit music video that influenced the song. Jennifer led the show wearing a dazzling tuxedo bodysuit while impressively showcasing her dance moves and flexibility. Check out the video below to view their performance.

Raunch factor: Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea reenacted their Booty video on stage at the AMAs on Sunday

During the AMAs on Sunday, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea gave a steamy performance of their hit song “Booty,” which added to the overall sensual vibe of the event. Jennifer opted for wet hair instead of body oil this time around, but still managed to turn heads in her black and white costume. She surprised the crowd by changing into a sparkling red bodysuit later on and was joined on stage by Iggy, who wore a gold halterneck bodysuit with a thick, bushy ponytail. The two stars brought their A-game and left a lasting impression on the audience.

Peek-a-boo: JLo wowed the audience at the Nokia Theatre with her impressive moves

The audience at the Nokia Theatre was blown away by JLo’s outstanding dancing abilities while she played peek-a-boo, leaving them in awe.

Flexible: The 45-year-old star had no problem bending herself into some crazy shapes

Flexible: The famous person in her mid-40s smoothly twisted her physique into a few uncommon positions.

Wild thing: The pop diva had wet look tresses, much like in the Booty video

With a wild mane that harks back to her iconic look in the Booty music video, the queen of music is truly rocking it.

Getting her groove on: Jennifer donned a black and white outfit with fish net tights

As Jennifer prepared to dance the night away, she dressed in a trendy outfit of black and white attire. To add a touch of flair, she slipped on some fishnet stockings.

Seductive leg up: The recording artist closed the show with the sexy song

The show came to a steamy conclusion when the singer crooned a sultry tune. Later on, the pair strutted their stuff and flaunted their twerking and grinding moves, even pressing their toned backsides together at one instance. The younger performer playfully gave Jennifer Lopez some spanking, but it remained all in good fun as Iggy Azalea left the stage. J-Lo donned a dazzling jacket for the remainder of her performance, highlighting her impressive solo dance abilities. Her nimble footwork was a sight to behold, wowing the audience.

Bumpin: The Booty collaborators emphasized their curvy assets in sequined one-pieces

The team behind Bumpin: The Booty flaunted their figures in a glamorous one-piece bathing suit.

Family friendly: Apart from J-Lo slapping Iggy on booty, the girls didn't go to wild 

The show was appropriate for everyone since none of the moves were too extreme, with the exception of J-Lo’s playful tap on Iggy’s butt.

A little touch: Iggy couldn't resist a little touch on Jennifer's derriere

Iggy couldn’t help but lightly touch Jennifer’s behind.

Dynamic duo: After some solo moves Jennifer was joined on stage by Aussie rapper Iggy, 24, who wore a sparkling gold bodysuit

After performing a few songs alone, Jennifer was joined on stage by the talented Australian rapper Iggy. Iggy rocked a shiny gold jumpsuit, making them quite the dynamic duo.

What a pro: After a quick duet with Iggy, Jennifer wowed with some of her amazing dance moves

After performing with Iggy, Jennifer dazzled the audience with her amazing dance moves, proving herself to be a true professional.

Booty! Jennifer fiercely shook her backside during the performance

Jennifer Lopez’s performance of Booty was a real showstopper! According to TMZ, ABC had set some strict rules for the performance, but JLo still managed to impress with her amazing moves. Fans of the music video for Booty, which showed JLo and Iggy Azalea dancing in high-cut swimsuits and wet hair while flaunting their famous backsides, will know what we’re talking about. The video gained a whopping 11 million views in just one day! Although JLo’s A.K.A. album only sold 33,000 copies in its first week, her performance of Booty is proof that she is still one of the most talented performers around.

Worked up a sweat: The ladies were spotted hanging out backstage after their performance 

Got a bit sweaty: The ladies were spotted relaxing backstage after their performance.

Raunch factor: The ladies video for their collaboration track Booty involved a lot of writhing, spanking and oiled-up derrieres 

In the music video of Booty, a song created by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, there were a lot of suggestive dance moves, spanking, and shiny buttocks. Despite putting in weeks of practice before performing with Iggy, J-Lo didn’t receive a nomination for the prestigious AMA awards. Iggy, on the other hand, was nominated for six awards, including Artist Of The Year, New Artist Of The Year, and Single Of The Year, making her the most nominated artist.

Getting attention: The music video gained 11 million viewers in 24 hours in September when it was debuted

Back in September, the music video caused quite a stir by garnering a staggering 11 million views within just twenty-four hours of its release.

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