Star Wars Fans Have the Most Absurd Theory About Taylor Swift’s Hair

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is turning into a cultural phenomenon, even impacting the US economy.

The concerts are breaking records in ticket sales and the shows have received critical acclaim and immense love from US audiences. Throughout the tour, Swift performs 44 songs spanning over three hours. The tour began in March 2024 in Glendale and is set to conclude in November 2024 in Toronto.

Taylor Swift during a performance in her Eras tourTaylor Swift in her Eras tour

Everything Taylor Swift is fueling discussions across America, as the singer takes the audience through her musical eras through her performances. The latest to join the discussions are the Star Wars fans who have found something weird about the All Too Well singer’s appearance at the concerts.

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Taylor Swift’s Braid Got Star Wars Fans’ Attention

Anakin Skywalker character in a scene from Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker with the Padawan braid

Since the start of her tour, the outfits and appearances of Taylor Swift have been the talk among Swifties. One such fan Twitter account aptly called ‘Taylor Throwbacks’ recently shared a photo post showing the various braided hairstyles Swift has sported in her consecutive appearances.

lil braid for 4 days in a row!!!

— Taylor Throwbacks (@ThrowbackTaylor) August 20, 2023

One Star Wars fan, @atotalposer, immediately jumped onto the discussion bandwagon figuring that Taylor Swift might be a Jedi Knight. The fan drew parallels between the Anti-Hero singer’s distinctive braids and the Padawan braids seen in the Star Wars universe. The fan was talking about the Anakin Skywalker hairstyle when he was a Jedi Knight in training.

her braid is a symbol to mark her rank as a jedi padawan meaning she is currently in an apprenticeship and on track to complete the jedi trials and attain the rank of jedi knight

— ems (@atotalposer) August 20, 2023

According to the fan, the braid represents Swift’s rank as an apprentice among the Jedi Knights and implies that she has to complete her Jedi trials to become a proper Knight.

Taylor Swift’s Future As A Jedi Knight

Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards 2021 with her GrammyTaylor Swift at the Grammy Awards 2021

The fan theory has compelling evidence to show that Taylor Swift might not be the person we think she is. But the question raises whether she will leave the stage and music life behind to become a Jedi knight… Okay. okay. Just kidding.

With 12 Grammy Awards under her name, Taylor Swift won’t be needing a lightsaber to fight against the darkness. The 33-year-old singer shuts down her enemies through her songs like the time when she released Innocent where she sang about the Kanye West MTV VMA stage incident. Or when she humiliated John Mayer through her song Dear John.

As for Taylor Swift’s connection with the Star Wars universe, she is obviously not a Jedi Knight in training. But will she appear as one in any of the future Star Wars projects? Most probably not.

Source: Twitter

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