Sylvester Stallone Believes Marvel’s Avengers Movies Are Nothing Like His $819 Million Action Movie Franchise

Sylvester Stallone might be 77, but he still got his action-packed zest in himself. After building his career and reputation in Hollywood as an action star, through movies like Rambo, Stallone released the latest iteration of the franchise in 2019. Coming up with a newfound confidence, the actor released Rambo: Last Blood, 37 years after the debut of the first installment. 
Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone
Sitting for an interview with Variety to discuss his 2019 film, Sylvester Stallone reflected upon his opinion of the new era movies. Comparing old franchises with current ones like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor felt his era of blockbusters offered a more reliable viewer experience than the modern movies.

Sylvester Stallone Discussed The Evolution Of Action Genre 

Coming up with his latest installment of Rambo in 2019, after 37 years since the debut of Rambo: First Blood, Sylvester Stallone discussed his opinions about modern-day action films. Claiming to be unimpressed with the evolution of the action genre, the actor discussed how a majority of action movies these days turn into superhero films.

Sylvester StalloneStallone compared old vs. new action franchises
Recalling how action from his era used to be a bit more grounded than what they offer today, Sylvester Stallone compared his movie with that of the MCU. Stating how his movies dealt with real backgrounds and practical effects to bring out authenticity, Stallone subtly criticized Marvel for relying on CGI. “These films now are scientific. They’re made by techno-wizards.” the actor claimed.
MarvelStallone subtly slammed MCU for relying on CGI
“They don’t have to interact with actors to the extent you used to, because the machines do the work…In a Marvel film, you’re not going into the subtleties. You’re dealing with a canvas so big, so huge, that it becomes to me almost like watching a fireworks show. Like, oh, wow, that was big. It’s a whole different thing.” Sylvester Stallone shared.
Discussing how previously audiences were offered the opportunity to slow down and connect with the actor while they were thinking, Stallone mentioned modern movies fail to offer that spectacle.

Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood Offers New Subtleties 

Comparing movies from his era with modern-world MCU films, Sylvester Stallone appeared to share his total disregard for CGI. Discussing how he finds it “tough to get into Thor’s head” Stallone mentioned how people are “swept away by this magnificent display of technology”. Failing to connect with modern world movies, the actor started speaking about Rambo: Last Blood.

Sylvester Stallone is an A-list starSylvester Stallone is unimpressed with modern action movies
“With this “Rambo” I’m looking at something much more simplified: Like man-on-man, in cave. It’s pretty simple. Really basic, no CGI.” Sylvester Stallone mentioned.
Keeping it simple for his audience to connect and understand, Stallone mentioned his interest in exploring how to be vulnerable and emotional as an action hero. “I’ve always approached it from that angle, because that way, the audience goes, ‘Oh, good. So he’s not the best. He can die.’” the 77-year-old explained.
Rambo: Last BloodRambo: Last Blood (2019)
Ultimately discussing how he took advantage of his age, rather than hiding it, Sylvester Stallone reflected upon the idea that allows audiences to feel at par with the actor on screen. “You’re bringing the onslaught of age, that he’s not what he was…So now Rambo’s in that mode. He’s not what he was, but his mind still won’t let him stop.” the actor shared.

After slamming MCU for the overuse of CGI, Sylvester Stallone concluded his conversation by discussing the new subtleties of his 2019 film.

Rambo: Last Blood streaming on Lionsgate Play.

Source: Variety

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