Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, and Denzel Washington are Creating a New Actors Guild Dedicated to Traditional Values

During the holiday season, legendary actor Clint Eastwood hosted a party with a unique agenda: to recruit prominent talent to push back against the prevailing woke ideology in Hollywood. While the gathering attracted interest from more than a dozen individuals, it was Sylvester Stallone and Denzel Washington who embraced the concept most enthusiastically, eventually convening for a detailed meeting in February.

Now, the trio is on the brink of announcing their departure from The Screen Actors Guild to establish a new union comprised of “non-woke” actors dedicated to restoring traditional values to the film industry. Spearheading this initiative is veteran actor and spokesperson Joe Barron, who articulates the group’s dissatisfaction with the current trajectory of filmmaking.

“We’re tired of seeing mermaids with the wrong skin color and Snow White’s Seven ‘Mystical Creatures,'” Barron declares. “It’s time to reclaim the essence of cinema by upholding traditional values. We refuse to conform to the dictates of political correctness.”

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Barron’s sentiments extend beyond mere aesthetic preferences, touching on broader cultural issues. He references the recent rebranding of Aunt Jemima, a beloved African American icon, as an example of the erasure of cultural heritage in the name of wokeness. This move, he argues, deprives future generations of the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the rich history embodied by such figures.

Acknowledging the need for inclusivity, Barron injects humor into the discourse by referencing “Black Thanksgiving” and jesting about his willingness to participate, albeit with a humorous stipulation about bringing jalapeno-infused cornbread. This lighthearted remark serves to humanize the conversation while underscoring the importance of cultural exchange and understanding.

Despite the digression into humor, the underlying message remains clear: Eastwood, Stallone, Washington, and their allies are determined to challenge the status quo in Hollywood. Their departure from established institutions like The Screen Actors Guild signals a willingness to take concrete action in pursuit of their ideals. By forming a new union focused on preserving traditional values in filmmaking, they aim to carve out a space where artistic expression is not constrained by ideological constraints.

In the grand tradition of Hollywood rebels, Eastwood, Stallone, and Washington are poised to lead a movement that seeks to reclaim the essence of cinema from the grip of political correctness. Their efforts may spark debate and controversy, but they are driven by a shared commitment to artistic integrity and freedom of expression.

As the announcement of their new union draws near, the industry and the public alike await with bated breath to see how this bold initiative will reshape the landscape of contemporary filmmaking. One thing is certain: with icons like Eastwood, Stallone, and Washington at the helm, the fight against woke ideology in Hollywood is just beginning. And as always, God Bless America.

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