Taylor Swift debuted a new bodysuit during her Eras Tour that was one of her boldest looks yet

Taylor Swift might be wrapping up the first leg of her current tour, but she just debuted one of her most daring concert looks yet.

The musician performed at SoFi Stadium on Tuesday night during her fifth Los Angeles stop of the Eras Tour.

She stepped onstage during the “Midnights” portion of the show in a sparkling T-shirt — as she does every night of the tour — and eventually fell into the arms of her dancers for a quick change.

But when she emerged, Swift was wearing a never-before-seen bodysuit. It was midnight blue with beaded fringe, a high neckline, and bedazzled cutouts across her chest and stomach.

The new outfit was similar to the bodysuits Swift wore while performing songs from “Midnights.” She previously wore two blue form-fitting bodysuits that were sleeveless, covered in sparkles, and decorated with beads.

The differences, however, can be found in the details. Her original bodysuits had thin straps, sweetheart necklines, and opaque bodices.

Taylor Swift standing on stage while holding a microphone and wearing a sleeveless black dress.
Swift performing at the Eras Tour in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on May 19. Scott Eisen/Getty Images
Oscar de la Renta, a fashion designer who made one of Swift’s original bodysuits, shared a video of the garment’s creation on Instagram.

The caption of the video said the custom piece took 315 hours to create and was covered in 5,300 hand-embroidered crystals and beads.

Zuhair Murad created another outfit that looked almost identical to the former.

An Instagram post from the fashion brand said the piece took slightly longer to make — 350 hours — because it was covered in more than 20,000 sequins, crystals, and beads.

Of course, Swifties immediately looked for hidden clues in the newest bodysuit and seemingly found one.

Fans said that the garment looked strikingly similar to a sparkling outfit Swift wore on her 1989 World Tour and that it could be a signal from Swift that her upcoming album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” would be released soon.

Sure enough, Swift wore more blue outfits throughout Wednesday night’s show and announced that “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will be released on October 27.

Wednesday marked the sixth Los Angeles gig of the Eras Tour and the last show on the tour’s first leg.

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