Taylor Swift Faced A Huge Problem At Las Vegas Airport Before Super Bowl

Taylor Swift at GrammysLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 04: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Taylor Swift accepts the “Best Pop Vocal Album” award for “Midnights” onstage during the 66th GRAMMY Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
From Tokyo to Las Vegas, Taylor Swift is expected to be on a time-zone-spanning journey to see her boyfriend, NFL star Travis Kelce, but she will run into a bit of a problem.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, it turns out that Taylor Swift’s biggest challenge isn’t going to be making it to the game on time from Tokyo.

Swift did not land in Las Vegas as she reportedly landed at LAX in Los Angeles. She is expected to go to Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, that means her biggest problem might be trying to get her plane parked. All the parking spaces for private planes in Las Vegas are currently booked, according to the Associated Press.

There are a lot of wealthy people in Las Vegas.

There are four airports in the immediate Las Vegas area and those four airports have a combined 475 parking spaces, but every single one of those spaces is already taken.
“The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that it expects 3,500 more takeoffs and landings than usual at local airports — including Harry Reid International, Henderson Executive, North Las Vegas and Boulder City — this weekend, with about 500 aircraft being parked at those locations,” the LA Times reported.

“The math there would seem to indicate a bit of a supply-and-demand issue.”

There are more private jets in Las Vegas this weekend than ever before.

“This is the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas,” Joe Rajchel, a spokesperson for the Clark County Department of Aviation, said this week. “You would expect demand to be high and it has been a high-demand weekend. People want to be here — whether or not they’re going to the game, I think people just want to be in the city and be around the activity.”
Despite the issues, word has come in that Swift has successfully made it to Vegas:


Ever since the Chiefs secured their Super Bowl berth, the big question has been whether Swift will be able to make it from Japan to Vegas in time for the game. Time was clearly on her side, but now she must navigate her latest issue.

The next leg of Swift’s tour is in Australia, beginning Feb. 16.

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