Taylor Swift Is Encouraged to Date One of her 18 Ex-boyfriends Again: Expert Reveals Which Ex-lover is the best for Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, an American singer, is internationally renowned for writing lyrics that largely mirror her personal life, resulting in her songs not only being enormously successful and popular among listeners but also relatable, making her the idol she is today.

In the midst of all of this, the singer’s love life has been the talk of the town for years, because she is a public person and her admirers want to know every detail about her. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, prefers to keep her love life quiet, and now a psychic has suggested who could be a wonderful match for her.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are a ‘nice match’

According to CheatSheet, Psychic astrologer Inbaal Honigman, who has been renowned for reading Tarot cards since the mid-90s recently revealed some interesting information about Taylor Swift, including her previous relationships.

The psychic said, “Swift is a Sagittarius, which means she’s adventurous and optimistic, and she suits a quirky, original sign, like, Aquarius.” In Swift’s dating history, she has dated three men, who are Aquarius; Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, and Tom Hiddleston, and as of now only Harry Styles is single among the three which makes him a match for her.
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift at her Eras Tour 2023
She continued, “Aquarius Harry Styles needs a partner who cares about social issues as well as about each other. The sign of Aquarius is an activist. Harry has been praised for his work as an LGBTQ ally and for supporting equality and help for refugees. Sagittarius is also a sign that supports the underdog, and Taylor has donated to struggling families and animal charities. They’re a nice match.”

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles ‘twin flames’?

It did not go unnoticed by the fans when Taylor Swift supported Harry Styles at the 2023 Grammy Awards back in February, as she not only danced to his performance but also chatted with him after he won the award and was cheered by him the loudest in the room when he was giving his acceptance speech.

Another aura reader and celebrity psychic medium, Mystic Michaela, hinted by commenting with a hands-up emoji indicating that there could be a chance of them getting back together when a fan asked under her post if the two artists were twin flames.  The duo dated almost a decade ago and now have evolved and grown into mature people, which is why they have rekindled their friendship and are cordial with each other.
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Taylor Swift and Harry Styles at the 2023 Grammy Awards

Their three-month-long relationship ended with Taylor Swift being heartbroken by Styles, who was 18 at the time they dated. As of now, Harry Styles, who parted ways with Don’t Worry Darling director and actress Olivia Wilde, is linked with Taylor Russell who appeared in Bones and All.

Taylor Swift, ended her six-year-long relationship with Joe Alwyn and was rumored to be dating Matt Healy, but that romance didn’t last very long, which is why she is now focused on her ongoing Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and having the best time of her life on-stage.

Taylor Swift rumored to turning her turbulent love life into a TV show?

According to reports, the singer has been in contact with British screenwriter Alice Birch to make a new meta-feminist TV show inspired by her love life. The source shared, “She has been introduced to Alice, and they have started discussing a possible new screenplay. Taylor Swift is incredibly astute and getting her head into a project like this would be perfect for her.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs on her ‘The Eras Tour’

Talking about how Birch caught her attention because she was the screenwriter of one of the most popular shows, Succession. The source noted, “Alice is an ideal writing partner as she helped shape Succession character Shiv Roy. Seeing how she molded this character, who existed in a male-dominated environment, caught Taylor’s eye.”

There have been no details about the show as of now, but fans have been excited since the word got out about a show based on her love life about because it’s one of the things that even the singer is excited about branching out on. Taylor last year revealed she was preparing to direct her first feature film after writing the script.

Source: The Sun

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