Taylor Swift reacts to Jason Kelce’s roaring celebration for Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift finally united with the whole Kelce clan, including Jason Kelce and wife Kylie, to cheer on boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The Grammy-winning musician was seen chatting with her boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law in the VIP suite as they appeared in good spirits.

Meanwhile, the NFL tight end, 34, had a great night with his team, Kansas City Chiefs, winning against Buffalo Bills on Sunday, and he also scored a touchdown in the second quarter.

As he scored points for his team, the Anti-Hero hitmaker was seen celebrating the big play alongside her man’s family. Cameras captured the singer, happily hugging friends in the box.

In the spur of the Jason, 36, became his brother’s number 1 hype man after he took off his shirt in freezing temperature, roaring in celebration with a beer in hand.

At that display, Taylor appeared shocked as the crowd around her laughed and cheered. In a video captured by fan, the singer was seen covering her face with her hands.

The musician has been a regular attendee at Chiefs games since first appearing to support her boyfriend on September 24 at Arrowhead Stadium. The game also marked the first meeting with her boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law.

Although, it is possible that the trio met earlier to get acquainted with each other in a more private setting.

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