Taylor Swift’s Net Worth 2023: Some of the Most Expensive Things Owned By Taylor Swift Make Hollywood Stars Look Broke

Popular for writing songs about her breakups and relationships, Taylor Swift is among some of the most prominent music artists in the world.

Throughout her music career, the singer has won several accolades, including 12 Grammys and multiple AMAs, along with 92 world records under her name. The singer also made history by claiming the top ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 with ten songs from her Midnights album.
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
She is currently busy with her ongoing The Eras Tour, which broke the record for most tickets ever sold in a single day by a touring artist. And seems like she is all set to add numbers to her net worth, as Forbes has estimated that Swift could earn around $620 million through The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth in 2023

According to Forbes, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $570 million. She holds the third spot on Forbes’ The Richest Self-Made Women Under 40. 2022 had also been a prosperous year for the singer as she received her honorary doctorate from NYU and made history with her tenth studio album, Midnights.

National Songwriters Association International awarded Swift with the title of Songwriter of the Decade. She also became the Top Female Artist of 2022, marking her sixth appearance on Billboard’s Top Female Artist of the Year. According to Forbes, 70% of her 2022 income came from the release of the re-recordings of her previous albums, Fearless and Red.
Grammy-winning singer, Taylor SwiftGrammy-winning singer, Taylor Swift
Her net worth is not only the result of her remarkable work as a musician but also retains the outcome of her incredible business skills. The Grammy-winning singer has had collaborations with Apple and Beats 1 Radio and endorsed several business outlets. She also releases merch on her website from time to time for her fans.

She has her own management company, 13 Management. Along with her several accolades and records, the singer also owns some of the most exquisite items that add up to her massive fortune.

Lavish Items in Taylor Swift’s Fortune

Taylor Swift has added several expensive and exquisite items to her fortune ranging from real estate to private jets to having some of the most expensive jewelry brands in her collection. According to Elle Decor, the Anti-Hero singer owns eight homes across four states and could soon add “real estate mogul” to her real estate portfolio.
Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion

Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion
Her real estate is worth $81 million. The singer’s recent addition to the list is Primrose Hill Townhouse in north-west London, where she allegedly spent lockdown with Joe Alwyn. Swift’s real-estate portfolio includes properties in New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville. The Wildest Dream singer also owns a 12,000-square-foot beach house in Rhode Island, known for her lavish A-list parties.
The American singer's private jet The American singer’s private jet
Other than real-estate, Swift also had two private jets, a Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 and a Dassault Falcon 50. The singer reportedly sold her Dassault Falcon 50 in 2020. While owning a private jet worth $40 million is a flex in itself, the registration number for her aircraft also ends with her initials, TS. She is also known to be optimistic about the number 13 and has it painted on her jet.
The Lavender Haze singer at the 65th Annual Grammy AwardsThe Lavender Haze singer at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards
Her collection also includes a designer wardrobe and accessories. The Blank Space hitmaker is often seen donning some of the most stunning and expensive jewelry and outfits. The diamond Lorraine Schwartz earrings and cocktail rings, Swift styled for the 65th Grammys are estimated to be worth $3 million. She is also known to be a big cat lover. Her cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are some of the most expensive cat breeds and require special travel kits.
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