“Tf Is Angel Reese Doing Here?” NCAA Fans Furious Over LSU Star Sharing ‘Athlete of the Year’ Title With Caitlin Clark…

The LSU Tigers star player, Angel Reese, has been the focal point of criticism since the beginning of the NCAA season in early November. While several believe she is only known because of her social media posts and not her skills, many fans think she is the best player in the league. And once again, Reese finds herself under fire.

As Reese shares the “Athlete of the Year” title with the Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark, several haters took to social media to criticize the Tigers star.

Celebration turned into criticism

In a recent update, Reese added another achievement to her bag of accolades. She was named the 2023 Sporting News Athlete of the Year, a title she is sharing with Caitlin Clark. But what was supposed to be a cause for celebration quickly turned into a criticism for the Tigers player, as several people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their piece of mind.

As soon as the news hit the markets, numerous haters took to X to share their disappointment in this decision by the basketball community. Surprised by seeing Reese as the winner, one fan wrote, “Tf is Angel Reese doing here? 😂🤣 Caitlin putting up numbers even men NCAA hasn’t done.” While, another fan gave a reality check to the community and their fans, and wrote, “Angel Reese not even top 5 in her sport.”

However, one fan suggested that Reese is only famous because of her TikToks and not for her gameplay. He wrote, “bro Clark is Curry, Angel is Ben Simmons Lite. TikTok made Reese, not the COURT.” Another one wrote, “Angel ain’t a co-winner for athlete of the year if Caitlin Clark and Hawkeyes win that natty. Let’s be clear.”

If Reese wishes to get out of this mud, she has to answer with her skills and talents. Notably, the 2023-24 season has been a roller coaster ride for Angel Reese.

How has she performed so far?

Angel Reese started the 2023-24 NCAA season with a huge upset as they lost against Colorado in their season opener match. However, this wasn’t just a loss for Reese as she became a subject of non-stop criticism, as many took to criticize her ‘Best Player in the League’ title. But this was nothing compared to what happened next! In the fourth match of the Tigers, Reese was benched for some unknown reasons and to add to her setback, she was then sidelined from four straight games, due to ‘Coach’s decision’ and ‘locker room issues.’

But for now, Reese has made a comeback and is currently averaging 19.1 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 1.8 assists.

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