The Bold and the Beautiful fans ‘in tears’ after beloved actress drops out of show after major change outside soap opera

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL fans have been left in tears after Jacqueline MacInnes left the show temporarily on maternity leave.

Jacqueline gave birth to a baby boy in August and is now on maternity leave from the soap opera.

Fans were left saddened by Jacqueline MacInnes leaving The Bold and the Beautiful

Fans were left saddened by Jacqueline MacInnes leaving The Bold and the BeautifulCredit: Getty Images

Jacqueline's last show before she went on maternity leave took place on September 7

Jacqueline’s last show before she went on maternity leave took place on September 7Credit: Getty Images
September 7 marked the final appearance from Jacqueline on The Bold and the Beautiful before she left the show for a brief period.

Her character Steffy was written to leave the show because she couldn’t deal with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) in her husband’s life.

Steffy left for Europe, taking the family’s kids with her.

Viewers were upset by Steffy’s abrupt exit.

Citing “tears” for her exodus, they mourned the loss of a favorite character.

But thankfully for fans, this doesn’t mark the end of Steffy’s time on the show.

According to a representative for The Bold and the Beautiful, Jacqueline is only taking “a short break.”

That means Steffy will eventually come back to town.

It’s just going to be a while as Jacqueline spends some time with her baby on maternity leave.

There’s no set date for her return just yet.


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood welcomed a baby boy on August 27.

Wood shared the news in a social media post.

“August 27th our baby boy Valor James Ruspoli was born. Our hearts are so full,” the caption began.

“Thank you for all the messages. Just been taking this time to slow down and soak in this moment.”

The child is the fourth for Wood and her husband, Elan Ruspoli.

They share three other sons: Rise, Lenix, and Brando.

Woods, an Emmy Award winner, announced her pregnancy in April.

News of the child’s arrival comes as it was reported that Woods’ character was preparing for a written-in absence, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Her character’s last appearance was reportedly in Thursday’s episode.

It is unclear how long her maternity leave from the soap opera might last.

Fans were quick to comment on Woods’ post wishing her and her new addition well.

“Enjoy your new bundle of love … I couldn’t be happier for you my friend. Hugs to the whole family,” one person wrote.

“So happy for you ALL !! (I wondered where you were..),” another commented.

“Lots of love and admiration momma!” someone else chimed in.

“Congratulations and welcome Valor,” another said.


Recently, fans called out most of the daytime soap operas for airing old episodes on Tuesday.

While Days of Our Lives released a new episode on Peacock, the other three soaps – General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless – all showed reruns.

The Bold and the Beautiful played a Fourth of July episode from 2018, and fans were not happy.

One upset social media user wrote: “Dang it!! Today’s episode is a repeat UGH MAN!!!”

Others were especially angered by which rerun was chosen, with one insisting: “We shouldn’t be subject to these episodes where Liam and Steffy are together.”

“Repeat episode of #BoldandBeautiful today,” tweeted a second. “Good ol’ Brookie pushing Hope to go after Liam bc she’s pregnant w/ Beth even though he just had a baby w/ Steffy.”

The user added, after years of seeing how those relationships have since changed: “Well, we all see how that turned out,” adding the hashtag #Sinn for Steffy and Finn and #Thope for Thomas and Hope.

Another, not liking that this episode felt still a bit too recent to be reshown, sarcastically said: “#BoldandBeautiful really said y’all can get on YouTube to watch our throwbacks.”

General Hospital chose an episode even more recent, reairing a broadcast from just this past March.

One annoyed fan slammed: “General Hospital said we don’t do throwbacks. But at this point an episode from 2007 would seem Shakespearean from what we receive now.”

Another wondered: “Is there a reason #GH can’t show classic episodes?

“They have a vault of 60 years of shows and they choose a depressing episode (no offense SE) from a few months ago. WHY!?”

The Young and the Restless also aired a repeat episode on Tuesday, and many fans thought the other soaps could take a lesson from Y&R on how to handle this type of schedule change properly.

While GH and Bold aired episodes from March 2023 and July 2018, respectively, Y&R decided to show a broadcast from decades ago – July 1992.

Instead of being upset, fans loved getting to rewatch beloved characters and storylines from so long ago, instead of seeing something they’ve already seen fairly recently.

One excited viewer tweeted: “Classic #YR today y’all I am SEATED!”

A second wrote: “The classic episode of The Young and the Restless is on, y’all. My girl Drucilla is on.”

A third happy fan shared: “Gosh this takes me back, this episode came out when I was 18 lol #YR.”

“Loving this flashback episode!! The good old days,” another said about the rerun.

One fan begged for GH to follow Y&R’s lead, writing: “I wish #GH would do this when they air past episodes.

“I would love to see episodes from the beginning of Port Charles or from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.”

It's only for a short time as Jacqueline spends time with her newborn child

It’s only for a short time as Jacqueline spends time with her newborn childCredit: Getty Images

The character of Steffy Forrester is still going to remain on the show

The character of Steffy Forrester is still going to remain on the showCredit: Getty Images

Fans can look forward to more from Steffy when Jacqueline returns from her leave

Fans can look forward to more from Steffy when Jacqueline returns from her leaveCredit: Getty Images

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