The Kardashian-Jenner family revealed that North showed signs of defiance and rebellion, often leading to conflict within the family

In a recent turn of events, Kylie Jenner, the renowned entrepreneur and reality TV star, has come forth with some startling revelations regarding the behavior of North West, the daughter of her sister Kim Kardashian. Jenner, known for her candidness, shed light on the pressing issue during a family gathering, leaving her sister Kim Kardashian baffled and seeking answers.

The revelation came as a shock to many, as North West has been perceived as a well-behaved child in the public eye. However, Jenner’s account painted a different picture, indicating that there might be underlying issues that need attention. According to Jenner, North’s behavior has been increasingly concerning, prompting her to believe that intervention is necessary.

“It’s not something that can be ignored anymore,” Jenner reportedly stated during the family gathering. “North’s behavior has been spiraling, and it’s affecting those around her.”

Sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner family reveal that North’s behavior has exhibited signs of defiance and rebellion, often resulting in conflicts within the household. While Kim Kardashian has been trying to address the situation, Jenner believes that North needs a different approach—one that involves intervention from her peers, particularly her cousin, Kylie’s daughter Stormi.

“Stormi has a calming influence on North,” Jenner explained. “There’s a bond between them that can potentially help North see things differently.”

The suggestion of involving Stormi in North’s behavioral issues has left Kim Kardashian perplexed. Despite acknowledging the close relationship between the cousins, Kardashian is unsure whether it’s appropriate to burden Stormi with such responsibilities at a young age. “Kim is torn between wanting to address North’s behavior and shielding Stormi from unnecessary pressure,” a source close to the family revealed. “It’s a delicate situation that requires careful consideration.”

Jenner’s proposal underscores the complexities of family dynamics and the challenges of parenting in the public eye. While Kim Kardashian grapples with how to address North’s behavior, she is also faced with the scrutiny of outsiders who have opinions on her parenting choices.

As the Kardashian-Jenner family navigates through this ordeal, one thing remains clear: the well-being of the children is of paramount importance. Whether North’s behavior can be remedied with the intervention of her cousin remains to be seen. In the meantime, Kim Kardashian is left contemplating the best course of action while relying on the support of her family.

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