“There’s something a little dead-ish about them”: Scarlett Johansson Admitted Only One Man Had Made Her Jealous in a Romantic Relationship

Scarlett Johansson had been in a number of relationships over the years before she tied the knot with her now husband, Colin Jost. The Lucy actress was married twice before Jost, and only a few remember that she was once married to Ryan Reynolds. Johansson also dated her co-star from The Black Dahlia, Josh Hartnett.

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson

The Marvel actress is now a mother of two, with a daughter born in 2014 with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac, and a son born in 2021 with Jost. It’s safe to say that the Black Widow actress has learned some lessons from all her relationships and has insights she can share with her fans.

Scarlett Johansson’s Perspective On Jealousy In Relationships

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac

Scarlett Johansson with ex-husband Romain Dauriac

Scarlett Johansson believes that it is common for romantic partners to get a bit jealous of each other. She defends the occasional bouts of jealousy in relationships and views such jealousy as a sign of caring for your partner. In an interview with Esquire magazine in 2013, the Under the Skin actress explained that she was not the jealous type in her previous relationships.

Johansson admitted that she only started feeling a little envious when she took her relationship seriously enough to care. The Nanny Diaries actress added that she would prefer her partner to get jealous occasionally as well. At the time, Johansson was in a relationship with French journalist Romain Dauriac, whom she would later marry. The Avengers: Endgame actress told Esquire:

“Look, I’m with a Frenchman. I think jealousy comes with the territory. But I’d rather be with someone who’s a little jealous than someone who’s never jealous. There’s something a little dead-ish about them. A little bit depressing. It may not make sense, but you need to feel it a little. I know, irrational, right?”

It appears that a bit of irrationality works for Johansson when it comes to partners who genuinely care for her. While the Iron Man 2 actress was not interested in non-jealous emotionally detached guys, she did draw the line on jealousy becoming overly irrational and taking on an over-protective mode.

Scarlett Johansson Couldn’t Tolerate Passive-Aggressive Jealousy

Scarlett Johansson And Colin JostScarlett Johansson with husband Colin Jost

In an earlier interview with Marie Claire magazine, Scarlett Johansson shared her dislike for overly jealous and insecure men. The Jojo Rabbit actress maintained her stance that a little jealousy was acceptable to her, but she couldn’t tolerate passive-aggressive jealousy in a relationship. The Captain America: Winter Soldier actress told Marie Claire (via Access):

“I don’t mind an occasional check-in but when somebody is passive-aggressively jealous, it’s really unattractive because it shows a sort of insecurity. Oh, controlling behavior is awful. Nobody’s going to say they love that.”

Things didn’t eventually work out between Johansson and Dauriac. The two separated in mid-2016 and finalized their divorce in 2017. It was around this time that she was filming for her movie Marriage Story, in which Johansson and Adam Driver played a couple undergoing marital troubles and divorce. The Scoop actress could relate to the role as she was going through a divorce herself.

Johansson now shares a happy life with Colin Jost. According to the SNL host, the secret to their successful marriage is their faith in the relationship and their need to be together, despite their differences.

Source: Esquire

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