“Time to call a priest”: Kim Kardashian Spots Ghost in Her House, Freaks Out After Seeing a Mystery Woman’s Shadow in Her Old Photo

Reality star Kim Kardashian revealed to her fans that she is “freaking out” after spotting a ghost-like figure in the backdrop of one of her photos taken during a dress fitting. She shared the image with her hundreds of millions of followers and expressed her shock at spotting what appeared to be a woman in the background.
Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has shown a deep interest in spirituality beyond her experiences with spirits. She has immersed herself in a variety of spiritual pursuits in an effort to deepen her grasp of the metaphysical world.

Does Kim Kardashian Have a Ghost in Her Home?

Kim Kardashian, the US reality star and businesswoman is well-known for her glamorous photos, but one, in particular, had a rather frightening vibe about it. the SKIMS founder appeared to be under a shadowy watch as she posed in the mirror.
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim captioned the post: “Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out, noticing a woman in the window.”


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Despite not wearing any makeup and tying her hair in a top knot she looked stunning in the picture.

Fans Were Quick to Make Jokes about the Shadowy Figure

And just after she posted this, her fans jump into the comment section where some made jokes and some praised her beauty.

‘Could you imagine being a ghost and finding out you’re on KIM KARDASHIANS INSTAGRAM’, one person commented.

‘If I was a ghost I would definitely live in Kim’s house’, another said.

‘Time to call a priest’, another wrote.

“I 100% think it’s just your reflection but warped,” one person said, while a second added, “Your Shadow?”

‘American horror story: the Kardashians,‘ one fan joked.
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Someone else offered the opinion that the shadow is ‘Your ancestor the one that sold her souls to the 4 witches so that you can have fame and fortune. She’s probably just visiting you.’

One person said: “That’s freaky!! But can we take a moment to acknowledge that you look so beautiful and authentic in this photo?”

Another agreed, adding: “Wow, you’re so gorgeous with or without makeup.” While a third wrote: “Just love this ‘I don’t care, I’m just gonna post it.’”

While taking the picture in the mirror, she was wearing a bubblegum pink tank dress, which matched the color of the bikini she had on this week while bicycling on vacation.

Source: OK Magazine

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