‘Tony Wasn’t Very Nice To Thor’: Chris Hemsworth Reveals He Misses Chris Evans’ Captain America More Than RDJ’s Iron Man

Recently during an interview with the Youtube channel “Phase Zero”, Chris Hemsworth speaks about his favorite among the Big 3.

It’s been a long time since we have watched the Big 3 OG Avengers on screen for a final time while they were fighting side by side against the Mad Titan. Following that mega-event, while RDJ’s Iron Man sacrificed his life, Captain America went back in time and reconciled with his lady love Peggy Carter returning as an old happy man leaving only Thor among them as the only Avenger among the Big 3 to still have an active role in the MCU.

The Big 3 AvengersThor, Captain America and Iron Man

Whom Does He Miss More?

Which Avenger does Thor misses more?Chris Hemsworth as Thor
With Thor being the only active member of the group pacing his story forward without the company of any of the original Avengers, it is evident that there has to be some part of him missing his dear friends. During the interview, when he was asked about whom does he miss more, even the Thor 4 director Taika Waititi joined the conversation and it was like:
Hemsworth: I don’t know that Tony was ever very nice to Thor. [Thor] was the butt of every joke. He wasn’t. Cap was always a little more kind of friendly know. Offscreen, Chris Evans can [throat cut gesture]. Downey’s the man. [Laughs]

Waititi: In Infinity War, you’d been away for a while. Then you land back on Earth in Wakanda and no one says, ‘Hello.’ Really? I found that odd. Yes, they’re in the middle of a battle. I get that. But like everyone just like, ‘Oh, there he is.’

Hemsworth: No one says, ‘Hello.’ It wasn’t a single, like, ‘What you been up to? Your hair looks different. You look good! You had a haircut.’ No, no.

The Extraction actor cleverly answered that question more diplomatically. Even though the tone of the answer seemed to be a little more inclined towards Captain America still there’s no clarity in it.

Why Thor Prefers Captain America Over Iron Man?

Be it due to the old-school ethics or the beautiful gentleman spirit possessed by Steve Rogers, he is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. He was always extremely polite to his fellow team members and handled everyone with care and gentleness. So evidently he was also very friendly toward Thor than the genius playboy Tony Stark but that doesn’t mean Tony was bad to Thor.
The Big 3 AvengersThe trinity in Avengers Endgame
Tony Stark and the God of Thunder had a lot of friendly teasing conversations among them. On the other hand, it is also a fact that in Thor: Ragnarok Thor was very angry with Tony when he found out that he thought Hulk is the Strongest Avenger instead of Thor.

So although Hemsworth didn’t answer the question properly, nobody can deny that we still and always will miss our beloved Trinity in The Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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