What Kylie Jenner wants Stormi to learn from her dad, Travis Scott?

As a devoted mother, Kylie Jenner is deeply invested in providing her daughter, Stormi, with the best possible upbringing. Alongside her co-parenting efforts with rapper Travis Scott, Jenner is keen on instilling valuable life lessons in Stormi. Here are some important teachings she wants Stormi to learn from her dad:

1. Creativity and Artistry: Travis Scott, known for his innovative music and artistic expression, can inspire Stormi to embrace her creativity and explore various forms of artistic expression. Jenner hopes that Stormi will develop a passion for art, music, or any creative endeavor that brings her joy.

2. Work Ethic and Determination: Travis Scott’s journey to success in the music industry is a testament to his strong work ethic and determination. Jenner wants Stormi to learn the importance of hard work, perseverance, and dedication in pursuing her goals and dreams.

Il rapper Travis Scott per la prima volta in concerto in Italia

3. Humility and Gratitude: Despite his fame and fortune, Travis Scott remains grounded and humble. Jenner hopes to instill in Stormi the values of humility and gratitude, teaching her to appreciate the blessings in her life and to remain humble in the face of success.

4. Authenticity and Self-Expression: Travis Scott is known for his authenticity and unapologetic self-expression. Jenner encourages Stormi to embrace her true self and express herself authentically, without fear of judgment or criticism.

5. Family Values and Prioritizing Loved Ones: Above all, Jenner wants Stormi to learn the importance of family and the value of cherishing loved ones. Travis Scott’s close bond with Stormi and his commitment to co-parenting exemplify the significance of family values, which Jenner hopes Stormi will carry with her throughout her life.

By imparting these valuable lessons from her dad, Kylie Jenner aims to empower Stormi with the tools and mindset needed to navigate life’s challenges and pursue her dreams with confidence and resilience.

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