“What’s mean Kardashian?”: Kim Kardashian is Not Famous Enough to Get Jackie Chan’s Attention Despite Her $1.4 Billion Empire

Despite being one of the most humble actors working today, Jackie Chan is not afraid to express his opinions. The legendary martial artist has not been shy to offer his opinions on Hollywood actors and films on several occasions. The 69-year-old actor was the most well-liked action actor Hollywood had to offer, particularly in the 1980s. He starred in a string of successful franchises, including Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon.

It appeared as though he might be familiar with many Hollywood faces before he once admitted he had never heard of Kim Kardashian.

Well, nowadays, it is difficult to avoid keeping up with the ‘Kardashians’ as they are everywhere. Because they have been so present in the media for so long, it is actually getting harder to remember why they are famous in the first place.
Jackie ChanJackie Chan
But are they, precisely Kim Kardashian, not famous enough to attract a Hong Kong star’s attention?

Kim Kardashian Is Unknown To Jackie Chan?

Internationally renowned actor, Jackie Chan once made the startling confession that he had no idea that American socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian even existed. The comment, which was made in an interview with Access Hollywood Live has astounded both fans and observers.

Chan, who is famous for his legendary martial arts prowess and unparalleled success in the film industry, looked genuinely perplexed when he heard the name “Kim Kardashian.”

The actor made his open admission during a previous interview with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover of Access Hollywood Live, where they asked him about his opinions on how Hollywood stars, particularly Kim Kardashian, have an impact on Western culture.
Kim Kardashian Is Unknown To Jackie Chan?Kim Kardashian Is Unknown To Jackie Chan?
The confused response from the Rush Hour actor revealed his lack of familiarity with the celebrated face who has become well-known both domestically and abroad.
“What’s mean Kardashian? Is that an English.”

Why Does Jackie Chan Very Often Do American Film Now?

It used to be impossible to go a year without learning about a new Jackie Chan film. The Chinese actor was first introduced to Western audiences in the 1980s. Some of the acclaimed films include-  the Rush Hour movies, the Shanghai movies with Owen Wilson, and the 2010 The Karate Kid. But these days, it seems the 69-year-old maintains a low profile—at least in Hollywood.

Despite having the exceptional chance to work in both the Chinese and American film industries, the actor and martial artist does not appear in as many American films for a variety of reasons. As he once put it to the Brazilian website Filmelier:
“I want to make sure that every year the audience can see so many different sides of Jackie Chan. I would like audiences to consider me as an actor who can do action, not just as an action star. I don’t like to repeat myself.”
Jackie ChanJackie Chan
It appears that Chan felt constrained when it came to Hollywood action roles. He enjoys switching between different roles, which Chinese productions have allowed him to do. Well, he is soon to be seen in his upcoming film, Hidden Strike. We will see John Cena and Jackie Chan working together for the first time.

The film will release on July 6, 2023.

Source- Access Hollywood Live

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